Global consulting expertise


ICIS Consulting seeks to enable businesses to address specific, long term challenges through providing robust data, on-the-ground expertise, and strategic insight across the petrochemical, energy and fertilisers industries.


Our clients benefit from our market insight, data resources and solution-based, flexible approach, combined with the vast industry experience of our team



Why choose ICIS Consulting?


  • Our approach: 
    - Based on solutions, not methodologies 
    - Strategic, long-term client relationships 
  • Our people
    - Senior industry experts, not generic consultants
    - Over 100 years of collective experience
  • Our data
    - Upstream, midstream and downstream pricing data
    - Historical and forecast (1978 to 2030) supply and demand data 
  • Our market commentary 
    - Market coverage of over 180 commodities, across 160 countries
    - Global network of on-the-ground reports, editors and analysts 


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ICIS Consulting

Supporting your strategic planning in:



We can support you in researching and developing a robust and future-proofed growth strategy, including market and opportunity assessment, forecasting and investment planning.




Whether you are benchmarking performance, taking a new strategic approach, or planning and implementing a specific project, ICIS Consulting can provide direction and strengthen your business case.


Answer the key questions facing your organization

Q: How can we maximise global market opportunities?

A: By combining our global market and industry information with your business knowledge and capabilities, we can identify attractive opportunities and outline possible scenarios.

Q: Should we grow our business organically or via acquisitions?

A: From research to initial screening to due diligence, we can identify which path will deliver the greatest opportunities and meet your growth objectives – including merger, acquisition, diversification, restructuring and organic development.

Q: Are we maximising profitability?

A: Using our price and margin models as well as our detailed supply and demand data, we can provide in depth price and profitability forecasting, and reasoned analysis to support future business and environment scenarios.

Q: How is our market likely to develop?

A: With access to over 35 years of historical data and trend analysis, combined with robust forecasts, we can create tailored price and supply and demand scenarios to compare against your market and product development plans.


The art and science of forecasting

In volatile times, having access to reliable forecasting data can make the difference between hitting your numbers or missing your budget entirely. Download this presentation by James Ray, an ICIS' expert consultant for a better understanding of the different factors you should consider when building a reliable forecast model.


Download the presentation slides here 

ICIS EPCA - Market Seminar Presentations


These presentation slides are part of the market seminar presentation at EPCA by ICIS, that occurred on the 6th October 2013.

Download the slides here  

Shale's Impact on the US Downstream

These presentation slides are part of the market seminar presentation at ASC 2013 by ICIS. Speaker Karl Bartholomew, explores shale's impact on the US downstream.


Download the presentation slides here