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ICIS has a wide range of information that covers the global aromatics markets - from pricing data, news and analysis, to supply and demand forecasts, enabling you to evaluate the market from every angle.

ICIS market data is compiled by our global team of experts who are directly in touch with key industry players. They apply a strict methodology to ensure the intelligence we publish is sound, fully reconciled and accurate.


Use ICIS information to:

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  • Gain insight to empower your strategic business decisions
  • Identify growth opportunities for expansion
  • Evaluate potential risks to your business

What's covered in our Global Aromatics price report
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Aromatics Europe Transcript


The European daily aromatics report covers spot markets including benzene, styrene, toluene and paraxylene.


The benzene quotation depicts the current month, and the forward month and is quoted on a CIF ARA basis. The range is made up from confirmed deals done throughout the day’s trading.


In the absence of any spot deals, the range is set using the lowest bid and highest offer recorded in the market on that particular day.


The styrene quotation mirrors that of benzene, as in the way the information is gathered and published. However the quotation is on a Free On Board, Rotterdam basis.


Paraxylene and toluene quotations are both for the current month. The information is gathered in exactly the same way as benzene and styrene both quotes are on a Free On Board, Rotterdam basis.

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