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What's covered in our US Chemical Tanker Shipping-Shipping-Freight price report
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Chemical Tanker Shipping US Transcript


The chemical shipping in the Americas report is a weekly report offering the latest prices on chemical freight rates for 2000 and 5000 ton cargoes between key destinations such as the crucial transatlantic east-bound Houston to Rotterdam route.


This report is aimed only at determining freights for gravity-liquid chemicals and not for gases or dry cargoes.


These rates, given in dollars per ton, are based as broad a cross-section of the market as possible, we talk with brokers and ship owners in the Americas, and other reputable shipping sources to ensure accurate information is obtained.


What makes it a multi-page report is that it contains the latest fixtures: chemical cargoes, their size, destination and freight rates obtained mostly from brokers but also from other shipping sources.


This report also contains news items and is extremely useful and relevant for chemical shippers and their customers

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