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Metallocene Linear Low Density Polyethylene Europe Transcript

ICIS launched the European metallocene linear low density polyethylene report in 2012 because of its penetration into the polyethylene market.

It is being increasingly used compared to traditional linears because of it’s unique properties. Downgauging, that is using less polyethyelene to manufacture a film with the same properties as thicker film, thereby cutting the use of plastics globally, is the reason why metallocene linear is here to stay. It’s growth is assured in coming years as sustainability is key.

As at present metallocene linear is in its early stages and buyers often switch between linear grades simply because one grade might be cheaper than another.

Metallocene linear pricing is heavily dependent on what happens in the wider linear markets. So at ICIS, we decided to include information about the major linear grades as well as metallocene linear to give subscribers a full picture of the market.

The report is weekly and follows movements in Europe with reference to the all-important Asia market. Upstream information such as ethylene, crude oil and naphtha is also included to keep clients up to date with the latest developments.

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