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The soda ash markets are reported weekly by ICIS in an Asia report and a global report. Both reports cover the dense and light grades, though Asia tends to focus in spot, while Europe and the US have contract prices.

This market news and analysis gives intelligence on market overviews, graphs, production data, freight rates and any other key factors influencing the market and prices at the time of pbulication. Whether you are buying or selling soda ash this useful business tool will give you confidence to make decisions about the market.

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Soda Ash Overview Transcript


Soda ash or sodium carbonate is non-combustible and non-toxic. It is produced predominantly by one of two major routes. The longest established method is synthetic chemical process known as the Solvay ammonia soda process. The second is by the treatment of naturally mined Trona ores.


Soda ash is mainly used in the production of glass, which accounts for around half of global consumption.


Other significant applications are in the soaps and detergents and chemical industries.


The dense grade is used mainly for making glass, while the light grade is used in the detergents and soaps industry.


The Asia soda ash market is generally quite slow moving. The main suppliers to the Asia market are China, the US, and Indian producers

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