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What's happening in the Biodiesel market?
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Biodiesel Overview Transcript

In the US biodiesel is an emerging market. It was reduced to about 10% of its production capacity, as the Federal tax credit disappeared and has now reappeared.

With the reappearance of that, biodiesel is beginning to find its footing in the US market.

The material is highly dependent on the crude oil markets, it’s traded at a premium to heating oil, the spread on heating oil sets the prices for biodiesel that is, being looked at for basis on trading on spot market. There are no contracts in the US biodiesel markets at this time.

The market is also dependent on the crude-glycerine co-product and that material is also watched very closely for its availability for sales.

Most of the biodiesel in the US right now is traded at a premium, a spread to heating oil. The heating oil market, that has been the most successful area for domestic biodiesel sales as a blendstock it’s still finding its feet. It’s coming back into viability on the back of a reinstatement of the Federal tax credit $1/gal blender credit.

It’ll offer the players in the market more opportunity to find domestic sales for the product.

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