Identify, view, monitor and decide your next fertilizer strategy

In today’s challenging times, when demand for fertilizers is growing at a slower rate than supply, fertilizer and chemical companies need to remain competitive and adopt a strategy of price excellence in order to emerge strong and stable.

With ICIS you can instantly benefit from decades of insights and expertise in the upstream and downstream petrochemical markets  for a holistic integrated view of the global fertilizer markets.

A comprehensive range of solutions to support your fertilizer information needs

The Market

A weekly fertilizer report, giving you the global and complete view on the fertilizers market, built for the international global fertilizer business. Fertilizer commodities covered: ammonianitrogenphosphatespotash, and sulphur.

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Global Fertilizer Price Reports

Global fertilizer price reports enabling you to focus in on your key market and set prices, negotiate confidently, mitigate risk and deploy and invest budget more accurately. Global fertilizer price reports are available for sulphur and sulphuric acid.

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Fertilizer Analytics Solutions

Transformative analytical tools designed to navigate and optimise opportunities in a demand-led, price-sensitive global fertilizer market-place.

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2021 Global Fertilizer Trade Flow Map in partnership with IFA

This interactive map provides a geographical picture of fertilizer product trade flows between major producing and importing countries around the world, as well as production and consumption data.

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ICIS Delivery Method

The icis.com subscriber platform is a single, online platform that offers an instant, detailed view of the chemical, energy and fertilizer markets. From pricing information and global trade activities, to supply and demand and breaking news, the icis.com subscriber platform provides users with an unparalleled, customisable view of the factors affecting market conditions – all in a single screen.

icis.com subscriber platform

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The unique ICIS approach

Holistic and trusted information

Our extensive coverage of global chemicals and IOSCO endorsed expertise means that ICIS is relied on to deliver a complete chain of information.

In-depth knowledge from the market-place

As a fertilizer market intelligence provider, we also include insights on agriculture – an important perspective for fertilizer market players. We also hold 20 years of historical data to further enrich your understanding and planning.

Complex analytics made simple

Our unique quantitative approach means we give you insights and analysis that are easy to review and assimilate – saving you time and effort and assuring you make the right decisions quickly.

A confident approach to risk management

We are trusted to support risk management decision making. An index of ICIS and Profercy prices is used in 100% of all fertilizer swaps. We also have seven ICIS quotes that are apart of the CME swaps/futures index.

Meet the Fertilizer team

Julia Meehan

Managing editor

Commodities covered:
  • Urea
  • Nitrates

Richard Ewing

Deputy managing editor

Commodity covered
  • Ammonia

Sylvia Traganida

Senior Editor

Commodity covered:
  • Phosphates

Deepika Thapliyal

Senior Editor Manager

Commodity covered:
  • Urea

Mark Milam

Senior Editor

Commodities covered:
  • US Urea
  • US Phosphates
  • US Potash

Annalise Porter

Senior Editor

Commodities covered:
  • US Sulphur
  • US Sulphuric Acid

Andy Hemphill

Senior Editor

Commodities covered:
  • Potash
  • Sulphuric Acid

Erica Sesay

Markets Editor

Commodities covered:
  • Sulphur
  • Ammonium Sulphate

Li Wang

Industry Analyst

Commodities covered include:
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Ammonia
  • Nitrogen

2020 Global Fertilizer Trade Flow Map

ICIS in partnership with the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) is excited to announce the launch of the 2020 Global Fertilizer Trade Flow Map.

The trade flow map provides a geographical picture of the trade flow of fertilizer products between the major producing and importing countries in the world, as well as production and consumption data. For a printed version, please contact Julia.Meehan@icis.com

Download a copy of the map

Fertilizer Resources

Topic Page: Fertilizers - Navigating the global downturn

The sharp global economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the collapse in crude oil prices has wide-ranging implications for the fertilizers industry.

Bookmark the ICIS Fertilizer Topic Page to stay up-to-date during this unprecedented time with expert insight and analysis of the impact these developments are having on fertilizer markets.


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Infographic: Australia’s sulphate of potash revolution

In the barren depths of Western Australia’s outback, rival developers are racing to be firs to produce and market sulphate of potash fertilizer drawn from the region’s dry, brine-rich lakebeds.

This infographic explores the competing companies’ claims, transport links, offtake agreements, and logical challenges.

Find out more about Australia’s sulphate potash revolution by downloading the latest ICIS fertilizer infographic.

Access the inforgraphic here