180 Market Experts
9000 Price Assessments
325 Global Reports


ICIS provides pricing information and analysis for more than 180 product markets. Our price assessments are widely quoted as benchmarks in contracts. Our information is collected from market participants by our global network of reporters, delivering unrivalled coverage of established and emerging markets, including China and Asia.


Price assessments, indices, news and analysis for the oil, gas, liquefied natural gas, carbon and coal sectors. Our reports aim to bring liquidity and transparency to power and gas hubs, giving you the information you need to help you closely follow, analyse and evaluate changes in the marketplace. For over a decade ICIS has been a trusted source of independent data, relied on by businesses in the energy industry to support their commercial planning and decision making.


In today’s challenging times, when demand for fertilizers is growing at a slower rate than supply, fertilizer and chemical companies need to remain competitive and adopt a strategy of price excellence in order to emerge strong and stable. With ICIS you can instantly benefit from decades of insights and expertise in the upstream and downstream petrochemical markets for a holistic integrated view of the global fertilizer markets.

Powerful Analytics Solutions for Petrochemicals Markets

Our new analytics solutions for petrochemicals markets offer a whole-market perspective as well as robust analytics tools to examine below the surface and see the true impact of change as it happens. The combination of at-a-glance data, visuals and forward thinking provides a holistic view, plus the details behind it, so you can optimise your trades, plans and strategies.

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