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ICIS is searching for the very best in innovation in the chemical industry. Now in their 16th year, the ICIS Innovation Awards seek to recognise and reward companies that show high levels of innovation in products and processes, as well as providing benefits to the environment and advancing progress towards sustainability. The judges are looking for innovative projects that solve problems or provide solutions for the company entering and/or its customers, or demonstrate an innovative approach to business, the environment and/or sustainability. The winners will be those companies that have made significant steps forward in technological and business innovation, with tangible results emerging during 2018 and the early part of this year.

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Four entry categories To recognise the breadth of innovation in the chemicals sector, the ICIS Innovation Awards offer recognition in four categories, as detailed below. Click on these icons to see the innovations selected in each category to go forward to final judging at the end of August. Winners will be announced on 18 October in ICIS Chemical Business and on this web site.

Best product Innovation

sponsored by Accenture

Best Process Innovation
Best Innovation by a Small or Medium- sized Enterprise

Innovation with Best Benefit to the Environment and Sustainability

sponsored by Maroon Group

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Independent panel of judges

To ensure the ICIS Innovation Awards identify the very best in innovation from the global chemicals industry, ICIS has enlisted a panel of six leading innovation experts from the industry and wider innovation community. These will select the winners in each of the four categories and an overall Best Innovation for 2019. This award will be presented by BASF as overall sponsor

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Sponsor support

ICIS is pleased this year to welcome back BASF as the overall sponsor of the ICIS Innovation Awards. ICIS is also grateful for the continued support of Maroon Group and Accenture as category sponsors. We thank them for their support of the Innovation with Best Benefit for the Environment and Sustainability category and the Best Product Innovation category, respectively.

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