The pandemic-led market upheaval of 2020 lead to a deep impact on the US ethylene and derivatives business. Many of the first-wave projects have been completed and producers face a growing challenge of finding an outlet for their export volumes, during a period of economic slump and slow demand growth.

Meanwhile, the plunge in crude oil and petrochemical prices is also pushing US companies to reassess their investment plans and priorities.

What does this mean for Europe? What can the market expect from the new US president? What competitive pressure is Europe likely to see from the US in 2021 and beyond?

ICIS invites you to watch the recorded webinar where ICIS experts deliberate the key trends shaping North American businesses and the impact on Europe.

This webinar covers:

  • Energy & macro-economics and how this is shaping the industry
  • NGLs, Ethylene, and Polyethylene markets and outlook
  • Future investments: New, Delayed & Cancelled
  • US Exports and the dependence on international markets

North American olefins outlook

Meet the speakers

Michael Wohlers

Market Development Director

Alex Lidback

VP & Partner, CDI