Russia’s PP prices increase in November

Source: ICIS News


MOSCOW (MRC)--Russia’s polypropylene (PP) prices increased in November by Russian roubles (Rb) 3,000/tonne ($51/tonne) on average, according to a MRC Price Report.

In previous years, Russia’s PP prices decreased in November under the pressure of the seasonal factor.

The demand for polymer had weakened, while the supply of material in the market increased after the end of the period of scheduled maintenance works of key producers.

The situation in the market has changed this year, lower prices in the first half of the month changed to growth in the second half of November.

Demand for PP in the first half of November declined, and this factor began to put pressure on prices.

Price offers for the supply of the central Asian homopolymer PP raffia reached a level of Rb84,000/tonne FCA (free carrier), including VAT.

The Russian parity was on average Rb1,000/tonne more expensive.

The largest supplier of PP in Russia SIBUR announced an increase in prices for homopolymer PP of Rb3,000/tonne.

Other suppliers reacted moderately to such a tangible price increase, raising prices on average by Rb1,000/tonne before the end of the month.

Supply of extrusion PP block copolymers and injection moulding PP random copolymers was tight in November, and prices for injection moulding PP random copolymers in some cases reached Rb120,000/tonne FCA, including VAT.

Prices for injection moulding PP block copolymers and extrusion PP random copolymers were steady in November, as weaker demand and sufficient supply did not allow prices to rise.

($1 = Rb58.70)

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