China’s Sichuan province to close nine chemical plants, relocate 37

Source: ICIS News


SINGAPORE (ICIS)--China’s southwestern province of Sichuan will permanently shut nine chemical plants and relocate 37 others in its efforts to move production of dangerous chemicals away from densely-populated urban areas, according to a local government document.

Meanwhile, two plants were required to undergo re-engineering.

While deadlines for individual companies vary, the entire relocation project is due for completion within 2025.

China announced in September 2017 that it will speed up the relocation of hazardous chemicals producers in the cities to industrial parks.

So far, most provinces have mapped out their respective plans, but only a few, including Hebei, Hubei and Sichuan have published lists of companies that will be hit by the project.

No Company Major Products Action Deadline
1 Chengdu Kaiyi Paint paint relocating 2018.12
2 Chengu Xinju Chemical ethyne relocating 2019.12
3 Sichuan Huachuan Industries firecrackers relocating 2019.12
4 Chengdu Jinhuayan Gas liquefied petroleum gas relocating 2019.12
5 Sichuan Guoguang Agrochemical pesticides relocating 2018.12
6 Sichuan Fine Chemical Research&Design Institute surfactant, n-ethylmorpholine,ethephon,cyanuric acid relocating 2020.12
7 Zigong Dacheng Chemical Manufacture barium chloride,barium hydroxide relocating 2020.12
8 Zigong Tianyi Chemical paint relocating 2020.12
9 Haohua Honghe Chemical ammonia, caustic soda,PCE,calcium hydrophosphate; relocating 2025.12
10 Panzhihua Rongxin Paint paint relocating 2020.12
11 Luzhou Fubang Chemical hexanediol, hexadiene, acetylenic diols relocating 2020.12
12 Naxi Tianyi Fine Chemicals Methylsuccinyl alcohol relocating 2020.12
13 Luzhou Ruixin Bio-engineering ganglioside relocating 2020.12
14 Luzhou Dazhou Chemical Adamantane and derivatives relocating 2020.12
15 Sichuan Jinlu Resin caustic soda, PVC relocating 2025.12
16 Shifang Zhenjiang Chemical caustic potash relocating 2020.12
17 Shifang Changfeng Chemical fertilizer relocating 2020.12
18 Shifang Postassium Nitrate Factory potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride relocating 2020.12
19 Sichuan Guangyu Chemical soda ash, ammonia,ammonium chloride relocating 2025.12
20 Sichuan Yungong Chemical Sulfoxide chloride, OB relocating 2020.12
21 Dayin Petrochemical chemicals relocating 2020.12
22 Sichuan Xingmao Petrochemical chemicals relocating 2020.12
23 Sichuan Mabian Longtai Phosphorus Eletronics yellow phosphorus relocating 2023.12
24 Mabian Jianengjia Phosphorus Chemical yellow phosphorus relocating 2023.12
25 Mbian Wuqiong Mining yellow phosphorus relocating 2023.12
26 Sichuan Yibin Weili Chemical detonator relocating 2020.12
27 Yibin Goldworld Chemical CO2 relocating 2020.03
28 Yibin Hengde Chemical ethyne relocating 2018.01
29 Sichuan Xianyida Agrochemical pesticides relocating 2020.02
30 Dazhou Xinglong Chemical fertilizer relocating 2020.12
31 Sichuan Kexin Chemical Factory pesticides relocating 2020.12
32 Sichuan Chuandong Pesticide Chemical pesticides relocating 2020.12
33 Dazhu Shili Gas O2, argon,CO2,nitrogen,ethyne relocating 2019.12
34 Dazhou Zili Gas compressed gas relocating 2020.06
35 Sichuan Zanyu Technology dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid relocating 2020.01
36 Xichang Huiyuan Gas ethyne,O2,CO2 relocating 2018.02
37 Sichuan Xinshengyuan Chemical caustic soda relocating 2018.02
No Company Major Products Action Deadline
1 Zigong Jinxin Chemical Industries barium chloride,barium hydroxide close 2020.12
2 Zigong Nanfeng Chemical Manufacturing barium chloride,calcium chloride close 2020.12
3 Zigong Kexin Chemical Aids paint close 2020.12
4 Sichuan Minjiang Chemical synthetic ammonia close 2018.12
5 Sichuan Feilong Chemical synthetic ammonia, CO2 close 2018.07
6 Sichuan Hongtai Bio-chemical urea, fertilizer close 2018.07
7 Sichuan Chuanlong Chemical synthetic ammonia, ammonium bicarbonate close 2020.12
8 Yan'an Yongsheng Ethyne ethyne close 2019.12
9 Mianyang Sanjiang Chemical formaldehyde close 2020.12
No Company Major Products Action Deadline
1 Shuangliu Jiujiang Naili Resin shoe material reengineering 2019.12
2 Zigong Honghe Pharmacy Sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, potassium iodate reengineering 2018.12