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ICIS Energy Foresight

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Anticipate change with data and analytics you can trust

Identify new opportunities, mitigate risk and secure margins in fast-moving, global energy markets with ICIS Energy Foresight. Offering an integrated, cross-commodity view of energy market conditions, ICIS Energy Foresight is a comprehensive analytics solution incorporating LNG, Natural gas, Power and Carbon.

ICIS Energy Foresight enables you to forecast and negotiate confidently, with a 360-degree view of historic, current and future supply, demand and pricing data. On-demand access to a dedicated team of analysts, and data models that are updated daily help you refine models, optimise trading decisions and capitalise on opportunity by quickly identifying where markets are under- or over-valued.

Navigate interconnected energy markets with a 360-degree view

ICIS Energy Foresight provides a cross-commodity view of the global energy market, shedding light on the interplay between LNG, gas, power and carbon.

In volatile markets, look ahead with confidence

Price forecast

Fair value visibility of gas prices up to 36 months ahead and power forecasts up to 2050.

Supply & demand forecasts

Driven by comprehensive market fundamentals including storage levels, flows, weather forecasts and outages.

Market (moving) analysis

Expert analysis of movements in pricing, supply and demand, changes in regulation and how these impact energy markets.

Speak to an expert

On-demand access to a dedicated team of 100 energy market experts for an objective view of what is likely to happen and when.

Supply & demand data

Identify new sources of supply.  Save costs and minimise risk through an integrated viewpoint across global and regional markets.

Price assessments and reports

Independent reports on market trends and price history analysis with custom email alerts on price changes, news and outages’.

Dedicated news channel

Covering key European gas, power and carbon and global LNG markets with real-time alerts all in one place.

LNG ship tracking

Real-time cargo-tracking, featuring an algorithmic destination predictor that harnesses expert analysis and comprehensive historical voyage and aggregated flow data.

ICIS Energy Foresight options

ICIS LNG Foresight
Plan confidently and invest strategically

Glimpse the future and optimise LNG flows with expert analysis and forecasts for global supply. ICIS LNG Foresight captures plant outages as they happen and shows demand from key LNG regional consumers, including Asia. Adapt quickly to volatile market conditions with real-time cargo tracking, on-theground expertise, intuitive analytical tools, a news alert service and direct access to ICIS energy experts.

ICIS Gas Foresight
Optimise trading decisions and secure margins

Forecast gas market conditions up to 36 months ahead with comprehensive gas market data, analytics and predictive models. Stay ahead with up-to-date intelligence on supply and demand trends, outages,storage levels, import and export flows as well as weather and temperature forecasts. Negotiate contracts with confidence using ICIS prices, including ICIS TTF, widely acknowledged as a benchmark and used to underpin multi-million-dollar decisions daily.

ICIS Power Foresight
Stress test strategies and balance risk

Optimise trading, assets and investments with unmatched price forecasts,supply/demand fundamentals, outage alerts and expert analysis on European power markets. Leverage ICIS’ machine learning (ML) models and scenario planning toolkit to stress test strategies, balance risk exposure and stay ahead of market shifts.

ICIS Carbon Foresight
Predict trends and trade proactively

Gain a clear view of the high-stakes carbon market with ICIS, the world leader in carbon market intelligence. Stay ahead of pricing trends and avoid increased costs with essential market insights on the decarbonised energy industry. Our advanced data models analyse over 2 million data points and 6 million EU ETS transactions monthly to enable confident trend prediction and proactive trading.

Gas Foresight available now

Make the unpredictable, predictable

ICIS Gas Foresight is the latest addition to our Energy Foresight solution, providing a 360-degree view of historic, current, and future gas market drivers.

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Partnering with ICIS unlocks a vision of a future you can trust and achieve. We leverage our unrivalled network of industry experts to deliver a comprehensive market view based on trusted data, insight and analytics, supporting our partners as they transact today and plan for tomorrow.

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