Output of products from polymers in Russia increased by 7.3% in January

Author: Sergey Karaichentsev


MOSCOW (MRC)--Russia’s output of products from polymers grew in January 2020 by 7.3% year on year, MRC analysts said.

January 2020 production of unreinforced and non-combined films was 85,500 tonnes, compared to 72,000 tonnes in January 2019, according to the Russian Federal State Statistics Service.

Last month’s production of boards, sheets and non-porous films rose to 28,400 tonnes versus 24,900 tonnes the year before.

Production of boards, sheets and non-porous films in January rose to 18,600 tonnes versus 19,700 tonnes a year prior.

January production of plastic bottles and bottles fell to 1,551,000 tonnes units, compared to 1,595,000 tonnes in January 2019.

January production of plastic pipes, hoses and fittings reached 40,900 tonnes, compared to 31,700 tonnes compared to the previous year.

The January production of sacks and bags made of ethylene polymers reached the level of 1,883,000 tonnes units against 1,926,000,000 units in January a year earlier.

Production of linoleum and floor coverings was 8,770,000 square metres in January 2020 compared to 8,720,000 square metres a year prior.

The January production of window and door blocks made of plastic reached the level of 2,154 square meters and 62,800 square meters, respectively, against 1,080 square meters and 65,400 square meters the year before.

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