Singapore LNG signs MoU to develop hydrogen

Author: Jake Stones


LONDON (ICIS)--On 30 March Singapore LNG announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by five companies from Singapore and two from Japan to study and develop hydrogen as a fuel source.

The Singapore-based companies were the PSA Corporation, Jurong Port, City Gas, Sembcorp Industries and the Singapore LNG Corporation.

Japan’s Chiyoda and Mitsubishi also signed up.

The seven companies will work together to establish means to import, transport and store hydrogen in Singapore.

A key aim is to use technology developed by Chiyoda that uses chemical tanker to move hydrogen at normal atmospheric temperature and pressure.

Hydrogen’s liquification temperature is usually -253°C, meaning liquefying and transporting it can be financially prohibitive.

To compare LNG is cooled to -162°C.

Singapore LNG is aiming to utilise its LNG terminal infrastructure to support the introduction of hydrogen into its energy mix.

Singapore is currently looking to decarbonise its energy sector.

Low carbon hydrogen can be producecd by reforming methane via carbon capture and storage (CCS), known as blue hydrogen, or using renewable-power electrolysis, known as green hydrogen.