Didion Energy to introduce USP alcohol at US plant in Cambria, Wisconsin

Author: Alex Snodgrass


HOUSTON (ICIS)--As strong demand for high-quality industrial ethanol continues to soar, Didion Energy announced that it will add 50m gal/year of  US Pharmacopeia (USP) grade alcohol production at its Cambria, Wisconsin site, according to the company.

"...we have expanded into the industrial alcohol market and are able to provide various high-quality industrial alcohols. We are excited to introduce our USP grade alcohol this fall," President Riley Didion said.

Didion currently produces an array of corn products and a finished hand sanitizer that are compliant with the Food & Drug Administration’s temporary pandemic policies.

Ethanol is used as a gasoline blendstock, in pharmaceuticals, and in food and beverage applications, such as hand sanitizers and vodka.