PODCAST: Pressure on oxo-alcohols chain eases, some constraints remain

Author: ICIS Editorial


LONDON (ICIS)--Supply tightness is easing for much of the oxo-alcohols chain, though some limitations remain.

These include major producer BASF's force majeure on n-butanol (NBA), which is a key feedstock for the rest of the oxo-alcohols chain.

Acrylate esters editor Mathew Jolin-Beech discusses market conditions with oxo-alcohols editor Nicole Simpson, glycol ethers editor Eashani Chavda and butyl acetate (butac) editor Nick Cleeve.

NBA is a solvent with more than half if its production used as an intermediate chemical in the production of butyl acrylates for paints, coatings and adhesives, or acetates and glycol ethers. 2-ethylhexanol (2-EH) is used to make plasticizers, mainly dioctyl phthalate (DOP). Key end markets include the construction, appliance and automotive industries.

Acrylate esters are used in the manufacture of surface coatings, paints and resins, adhesives, plastics, textiles and paper.

Divided in E-series and P-series, depending on whether they are made from ethylene oxide (EO) or propylene oxide (PO), glycol ethers are mainly used as a solvent for domestic and industrial applications such as paints and coatings.

Butac is mostly used as a solvent in paints and coatings or as a synthetic fruit flavouring in food products.