Over 75% of US Gulf oil, natgas production remains shut in

Janet Miranda


HOUSTON (ICIS)–Over 75% of US Gulf oil production and natural gas production respectively remains offline as offshore producers continue to recover from the disruption in production caused by Hurricane Ida.

Currently, 76% of oil production and 77% of natural gas production in the Gulf of Mexico remains shut in, according to the US Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).

The following table shows the number of platforms and rigs evacuated, including the total of oil and natural gas that has been shut in.

Total %
Platforms evacuated 71 12.68
Rigs evacuated 4 36.36
Oil shut in (bbl/day) 1,391,865 76.48
Gas shut in (bcf/day) 1.722 77.25

Source: BSEE

Facilities continue to be inspected for damage. Once all standard checks have been completed, production from undamaged facilities will be brought back online, while facilities that sustained damage could take longer to bring back online, the BSEE said.

Shell is redeploying personnel to its Appomattox asset and continuing to deploy employees to its Enchilada/Salsa and Auger assets.

Its Appomattox, Mars, Olympus, Ursa, Auger and Enchilada/Salsa assets reported no major damage although they remain shut in. Approximately 80% of Shell-operated production is currently offline, the company said.

Damage assessments continue at Shell’s West Delta-143 (WD-143) offshore facility. This week the company re-staffed Main Pass 69, Green Canyon 19 and South Pass 89.

Shell said it is currently unable to provide service downstream to Port Fourchon.

Occidental Petroleum said on Wednesday that three of its 10 platforms have restarted production, with three prepared to restart. Primary shore bases sustained damage from the storm, but the company has relocated shore-based operations.

It declined to provide a timeline for full restoration of operations.

BP is resuming operations at Atlantis and Mad Dog. Operations at Thunder Horse and Na Kika are expected to resume in the coming days.

Repairs are underway at its onshore assets in Houma and Port Fourchon. BP has temporarily relocated its shore base to Galveston, Texas, and heliport to Lafayette, Louisiana.

Port Fourchon, Louisiana is continuing its recovery phase. The port is a main site for offshore workers.

Power has been restored to 80% of the 948,000 customers who lost service after Ida made landfall, local power distributor Entergy said on Thursday.

Of the 226 affected transmission substations, 210 had returned to service as by 8 September, as well as 174 of 211 affected transmission lines. Approximately 450 miles (724km) of transmission lines remain out of service.

Distribution system damage in Louisiana and Mississippi included 30,679 poles, 36,469 spans of wire and 5,959 transformers damaged or destroyed.

The number of poles damaged or destroyed is more than Katrina, Ike, Delta and Zeta combined, Entergy said.

The following shows the status of the chemical plants and refineries affected by Ida.

Company Site Products (*indicates force majeure) Status
AmSty St James, Louisiana Styrene Shutdown
BASF Geismar, Louisiana BDO*, EO, isocyanates*, polyols* Expected Restart
Cornerstone Waggaman, Louisiana ACN*, melamine* Shutdown
Cos-Mar Carville, Louisiana Styrene, ethylbenzene Shutdown
DAK Americas Bay St Louis, Mississippi PET* Shutdown
Dow Plaquemine, Louisiana Ethylene, propylene, benzene, toluene, EO, glycol ethers*, PE, PG, PO Expected Restart
Dow Taft, Louisiana Ethylene, propylene, acetic acid, acrylic acid, acrylates, ethanolamines, EO, glycol ethers*, LLDPE, oxo-alcohols, 2-EHA* Shutdown
Enterprise Products Louisiana, US Propylene, NGLs Shutdown
ExxonMobil Baton Rouge, Louisiana Ethylene, propylene, BD, benzene, toluene, IPA, PA, plasticizers, PE, PP, base oils Restart
Formosa Plastics Baton Rouge, Louisiana PVC*, VCM Shutdown
Huntsman Geismar, Louisiana MA, MDI, polyethyer polyols, aniline nitrobenzene Expected Restart
INEOS Oxide Plaquemine, Louisiana Ethanolamines* Shutdown
Lion Copolymer Geismar, Louisiana EDPM Restart
Marathon Petroleum Garyville, Louisiana Gasoline, propylene, refined products Shutdown
Methanex Geismar, Louisiana Methanol Shutdown
NOVA Geismar, Louisiana Ethylene*, propylene* Shutdown
Olin Freeport, Texas VCM* Shutdown
Olin Plaquemine, Louisiana Caustic soda, chlorine Shutdown
Olin St Gabriel, Louisiana Caustic soda, chlorine Shutdown
OxyChem Convent, Louisiana Caustic soda*, chlorine* Restart
OxyChem Geismar, Louisiana Caustic soda*, chlorine*, EDC* Restart
OxyChem Taft, Louisiana Caustic soda*, chlorine* Restart
PBF Energy Chalmette, Louisiana Benzene, toluene, MX, propylene Shutdown
Phillips 66 Belle Chasse, Louisiana Benzene, toluene, MX, propylene Shutdown
Pinnacle Polymers Garyville, Louisiana PP* Shutdown
Roehm Fortier, Louisiana Methyl methacrylate (MMA) Shutdown
Rubicon Geismar, Louisiana MDI, polyether polyols, aniline, nitrobenzene Shutdown
Shell Geismar, Louisiana EO, EG, glycol ethers, linear alcohols, linear olefins Shutdown
Shell Norco, Louisiana Ethylene, propylene, BD Shutdown
Shintech Addis, Louisiana PVC Shutdown
Shintech Freeport, Texas PVC Shutdown
Shintech Plaquemine, Louisiana Caustic soda, chlorine, EDC, PVC, VCM, ethylene Shutdown
Total Energies Carville, Louisiana PS Shutdown
Valero Meraux, Louisiana Gasoline, refined products, propylene Shutdown
Valero St Charles, Louisiana Gasoline, refined products, propylene Shutdown
Westlake Geismar, Louisiana Caustic soda, chlorine, EDC, PVC*, VCM* Shutdown
Westlake Plaquemine, Louisiana Caustic soda, chlorine, EDC, PVC*, VCM* Shutdown
YCI Methanol One St James, Louisiana Methanol Shutdown

Thumbnail image shows damage caused by Hurricane Ida. Photo by Eric Gay/AP/Shutterstock


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