Fertilizer producers Nutrien and Yara escape Hurricane Ian damages

Mark Milam


HOUSTON (ICIS)–Fertilizer producers Nutrien and Yara said they both weathered the strike of Hurricane Ian in Florida and along the US southeast coast without sustaining damages to facilities or any harm to any of their employees.

Nutrien said despite the intensity of the storm and the heavy winds and rains, that facilities and operations were not damaged or shut down in Florida or Louisiana by Hurricane Ian mid-week and that over the weekend, they were equally as fortunate to miss second landfall with their sites in Georgia and North Carolina.

The company had announced on Friday it has put storm-preparedness plans in action in Georgia at their nitrogen facility in Augusta and the phosphate facility in Aurora, North Carolina, but it had not ceased operations at either.

Nutrien also operates a phosphate plant at White Springs, Florida, and has operations at Geismar, Louisiana, which makes ammonia, nitric acid and urea ammonium nitrate solution (UAN), but was eventually well out of the storm‘s track.

“We dodged Ian. Despite some heavy rain and winds, we had no closures or significant interruptions to production from the hurricane at White Springs, Augusta, or Aurora,” said a Nutrien spokesperson.

For producer Yara, who has both fertilizer operations – including ammonia storage – and offices in Tampa, Florida, their facilities escaped undamaged and their workforce is safe.

“Our terminals are back in operations now, both for liquid fertilizers and also ammonia, following the strict protocols for safety and security that we put in place last week,” said a Yara spokesperson.

“Our thoughts are with our neighbours south of us and we have reached out to the local Red Cross to support.”

Yara said their terminal in Savannah, Georgia, has no damage and is in operation.


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