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SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Here is a list of mid-year outlooks published in Asia from 20 December to 6 January.

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OUTLOOK ‘23: Asia naphtha buckles up for fragile demand, volatility
By Melanie Wee 19-Dec-22 11:00 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s naphtha market is bracing for an uphill struggle amid wavering demand and continued volatility in the oil sector.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia BD supply to stay snug, weak derivative demand may counter-balance
By Ai Teng Lim 19-Dec-22 11:36 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Going into 2023, Asia’s butadiene (BD) market players are bracing themselves for extended periods of supply limitations, as long as operations at Asian crackers remain sub-optimal.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia synthetic rubbers to stay under pressure amid weak demand
By Ai Teng Lim 19-Dec-22 12:04 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asian synthetic rubber makers are bracing themselves for another challenging year in 2023, with strong macroeconomic headwinds expected to weigh heavily on downstream demand.

OUTLOOK ’23: Spot TiO2 in Asia likely to see improving sentiment in Q1
By Joson Ng 19-Dec-22 11:28 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The titanium dioxide (TIO2) spot market could see improving sentiment at the start of 2023, after weak demand plagued Asia for much of H2 2022.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia ABS, SAN hopes in rally by Q2
By Angeline Soh 19-Dec-22 12:09 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) players express hopes in a rally by Q2 2023 after a battering 2022, some two years since COVID-19 first broke out.

OUTLOOK ’23: China’s BD chain to rebalance amid capacity expansions
By Aviva Zhang 19-Dec-22 14:39 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s butadiene (BD) industry chain is expected to rebalance in 2023 amid capacity expansions of BD and its derivatives, and this may result in affecting the regional Asian market as well.

OUTLOOK’23: China benzene market to remain balanced-to-tight amid capacity expansions
By Yoyo Liu 19-Dec-22 18:45 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s benzene market may remain balanced-to-tight in 2023, as demand growth will slightly outweigh supply increase, amid capacity expansions along the industrial chain.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia BDO to struggle with long supply while awaiting demand rebound
By Clive Ong 20-Dec-22 11:24 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The Asian 1,4-butanediol (BDO) market continues to be mired in weakness, while the malaise could extend into the new year given the slow market conditions amid the yearend lull and the upcoming Lunar New Year holidays in the second half of January.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia PBT tries to shake off lethargy on bets of better demand
By Clive Ong 20-Dec-22 11:48 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The Asian polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) market ended 2022 mired in weakness as demand in the region was generally lacklustre in the second half of the year.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia PE market weighed down by demand weakness in China, Vietnam
By Izham Ahmad 20-Dec-22 11:02 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The Asian polyethylene (PE) market is expected to see a subdued start to the new year, with China’s demand remaining in a slump due to COVID-19 while demand in Vietnam also stagnates due to local banking and financing issues.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia PP’s potential oversupply may outweigh China’s demand recovery
By Jackie Wong 20-Dec-22 12:10 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Possible oversupply in Asia’s polypropylene (PP) market may outweigh the impact of demand recovery in China in 2023.

OUTLOOK ’23: GCC PP and PE demand rests on global recovery
By Nadim Salamoun 20-Dec-22 14:51 DUBAI (ICIS)–Both polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) being mostly export oriented, worldwide demand recovery will play a major role in determining the market conditions and sentiment in the region in 2023.

OUTLOOK 23’: China toluene market may face oversupply and trade flow change
By Veronica Zhang 20-Dec-22 12:15 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China toluene market pivoted from net import to net export in 2022 amid Russia-Ukraine war, but in 2023 the domestic market might face increased supply whereas demand weakness may persist putting pressure on the export market.

OUTLOOK’ 23: Asian MMA production under pressure from costs, demand uncertainty and expansion
By Li Li Chng 20-Dec-22 12:22 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asian methyl methacrylate (MMA) production may come under pressure if cost pressure remains high and inventory builds up should demand continues to remain weak.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asian ACN oversupply remains a concern, while demand faces uncertainty
By Li Li Chng 20-Dec-22 12:59 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–An oversupply of Asian acrylonitrile (ACN) remains a concern for 2023, while uncertainty in demand outlook weighs down market sentiment.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia benzene market eyes end-use recovery in 2023
By Angeline Soh 21-Dec-22 12:02 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia benzene players are hopeful for a demand recovery from end-use sectors next year in the aftermath of the pandemic and the economic downturn this year.

OUTLOOK ’23: East and South Asia LAB mired in weakness although optimism remains
By Clive Ong 21-Dec-22 12:13 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The linear alkylbenzene (LAB) markets in east and south Asia continue to be mired in weakness with demand in a low ebb. Buyers remain mostly unhurried with supply ample in most regions.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia toluene to see increased spot market activity on systematic changes
By Jun Kai Heng 21-Dec-22 12:36 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Toluene in Asia for 2023 is likely to be marked by a systematic tighter availability of supply amid near-term price weakness.

OUTLOOK ’23: East, south Asia ethanolamines to face supply headwind
By Clive Ong 21-Dec-22 13:00 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The ethanolamines market in east and south Asia remains under downward pressure towards the end of the year. Tepid demand appears entrenched with limited signs of any significant rebound in the near term.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia MX to be overshadowed by downstream profitability issues
By Jun Kai Heng 21-Dec-22 13:28 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The Asian market for isomer-grade mixed xylenes (MX) is likely to be overshadowed by concerns over downstream profitability in 2023.

OUTLOOK ‘23: China’s MX to face further uncertainty from downstream PX
By Veronica Zhang 21-Dec-22 14:30 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s mixed xylene (MX) prices surged to a decade-high level on soaring crude oil prices in the first half of 2022, before fluctuating downwards in the second half of 2022. In 2023, the market may see support from the launch of some downstream paraxylene (PX) units, but this could depend on the profitability of the PX industry.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia adipic acid supply to increase amid demand concerns
By Josh Quah 22-Dec-22 11:08 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s adipic acid market will see an increase in overall production capacity in 2023, however, the bigger question for the industry is whether its downstream derivatives are growing at a pace quick enough to support it.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asian PET to face headwinds as supply likely to outstrip demand
By Zachary Tia 22-Dec-22 13:22 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s polyethylene terephthalate (PET) supply will likely outstrip demand in 2023 on the back of new capacities scheduled to come online in the upcoming year.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia R-PET trade to remain subdued by macroeconomic pressure
By Arianne Perez 22-Dec-22 11:32 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Downstream demand for Asian recycled polyethylene terephthalate (R-PET) is expected to remain under severe pressure from macroeconomic challenges for most of 2023.

OUTLOOK ‘23: Asia R-HDPE trade to remain muted, R-LDPE to fare better
By Arianne Perez 22-Dec-22 11:43 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The slump in Asian trade of recycled high-density polyethylene (R-HDPE) blow moulding pellets is expected to persist for much of 2023 as brands and end-users continue to tighten expenditure on non-basic household items.

OUTLOOK ‘23: Asia BPA producers seen grappling with supply
By Li Peng Seng 22-Dec-22 12:16 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s bisphenol A (BPA) producers are expected to remain under pressure through most of the first half of 2023, as import demand from key market China is expected to be slow on the back of ample supply.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia PA market to remain bearish amid hopes of recovery
By Michelle Liew 23-Dec-22 10:34 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s phthalic anhydride market is likely to remain bearish although there are signs of market recovery.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia phenol/acetone margins hinge on output cuts amid new supply
By Helen Lee 23-Dec-22 10:32 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Most Asian phenol producers are bracing to maintain reduced run rates into 2023 in a bid to stem eroded margins amid new supply in China and a downbeat macroeconomic outlook.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia PA market to remain bearish amid hopes of recovery
By Michelle Liew 23-Dec-22 10:34 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s phthalic anhydride market is likely to remain bearish although there are signs of market recovery.

OUTLOOK ’23: China’s SM demand growth to lag behind supply, eye on exports
By Tina Zhang 27-Dec-22 09:41 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Demand growth in China’s domestic styrene monomer (SM) market will lag behind that of supply in 2023, promoting domestic suppliers to look for outlets to export their extra cargoes.

OUTLOOK ’23: China’s PP capacity to expand amid global recession, policies bring uncertainties
By Zhibo Xiao 27-Dec-22 09:44 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s domestic polypropylene (PP) capacity will expand further in 2023 amid the bearish global economy. Although the gradual lifting of its zero-COVID policy may support the market, there are still uncertainties brought by policies and economic outlook.

OUTLOOK ’23: China’s PE to see rising capacities, uncertainty in demand recovery
By Sijia Li 27-Dec-22 09:48 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s polyethylene (PE) capacity expansion is poised to continue in 2023 and exert pressure on supply, while a recovery in end-user demand remains uncertain due to the persistently weak global economy and unclear direction of China’s COVID-19 policy.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia caprolactam market to see greater China self-sufficiency in 2023
By Josh Quah 27-Dec-22 09:50 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–While weak market sentiment and challenges were seen in 2022 for Asia’s caprolactam (capro) and its derivative nylon 6 (PA6) markets, 2023 may provide a new direction.

OUTLOOK ’23: Facing new capacity, Asia VAM market could rebound in 2023
By Josh Quah 27-Dec-22 09:52 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) production is expected to see some shortness in the first half of the year, with major producers like Celanese, Dairen Chemical and Lotte Chemical undergoing turnarounds.

OUTLOOK ’23: China’s MMA supply to outgrow demand, pressuring domestic sentiment; drive up exports
By Olivia Dai 27-Dec-22 10:08 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s MMA will continue to see new capacities in 2023, but demand growth will be restrained by global economic slowdown and disrupted supply chains.

OUTLOOK ‘23: China acrylic acid to see new wave of capacity expansion
By Sikee Shi 27-Dec-22 10:13 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s acrylic acid market is expected to embrace a new wave of capacity expansion in 2023, with the annual growth estimated at around 15%, the first double-digit growth to be seen since 2015.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia’s ECH, LER markets hit two-year low, beset by uncertainty in 2023
By Michelle Liew 27-Dec-22 10:18 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Outlook for Asia’s epichlorohydrin (ECH) and liquid epoxy resin (LER) markets – after hitting record low in two years – remains uncertain in 2023, resting on overall macro-economic conditions in the region.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia H1 C2 demand-supply likely balance; output cuts across value chain
By Yeow Pei Lin 27-Dec-22 09:26 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Northeast Asia’s ethylene (C2) supply and demand could be in equilibrium in the first half of 2023, as global recession risks, fears of a bumpy re-opening in China’s economy and rising Chinese domestic capacity will lead to continued output cuts across the value chain.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia C3 eyes post-LNY demand, China recovery in focus
By Julia Tan 28-Dec-22 10:29 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The propylene market in Asia has had its fair share of ups and down in 2022 but it seems 2023 would see a bearish C3 market on poor demand and increased supply.

OUTLOOK ‘23: China NBA faces supply, demand rise; fundamentals to rebalance
By Claire Gao 28-Dec-22 10:32 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Supply-demand fundamentals in China’s n-butanol (NBA) market are expected to change in 2023, with new capacities coming on stream at both NBA and downstream industries, thus gradually altering trade flows between different regions.

OUTLOOK ‘23: Asia PVC outlook mixed, producers to face elevated costs
By Jonathan Chou 28-Dec-22 10:31 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s polyvinyl chloride (PVC) spot market would likely see some challenges in 2023, but there are certain bullish factors to consider, compared to a relatively slow performance for much of 2022.

OUTLOOK ‘23: Asia caustic soda market sees uncertainty, but some bright spots remain
By Jonathan Chou 28-Dec-22 10:35 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–As 2022 comes to a close with geopolitical and economic uncertainty, Asia’s liquid caustic soda spot market players are likely to contend with similar unpredictability in 2023.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia SM near term demand uncertainty remains, recovery to take time
By Luffy Wu 28-Dec-22 10:36 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s styrene monomer (SM) market could see a marked recovery in 2023 as current challenges brought about by the pandemic ease and global macroeconomic conditions improve.

OUTLOOK ’23: More worries on the horizon for Asia nylon market in 2023
By Josh Quah 28-Dec-22 10:38 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s nylon market, which faced challenges for most of 2022 due to geopolitical events and macroeconomic headwinds impacting demand patterns and US-dollar denominated import markets, will be looking for a new direction in 2023.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia acetic acid market looking to big 2023 rebound amid volatile headwinds
By Josh Quah 29-Dec-22 10:14 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s acetic acid market is expected to face some turnarounds in Q1 2023, with more plants scheduled for planned turnarounds in Q3.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia fatty acids demand could see Q2 rebound, near-term caution prevails
By Helen Yan 29-Dec-22 10:25 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s fatty acids demand will likely rebound in the second quarter of 2023 but caution in the market continues to prevail following the surge in COVID-19 cases in China.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia fatty alcohols may pick up in Q2 ’23 as China eases zero-COVID
By Helen Yan 29-Dec-22 10:33 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s fatty alcohols demand may pick up in the second quarter (Q2) of 2023 following the relaxation of China’s zero-COVID policy.

OUTLOOK ’23: Oversupply on capacity expansion may weigh on China’s BPA market
By Chiara Li 29-Dec-22 10:46 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s bisphenol A (BPA) supply may be ample in the first half of 2023 due to capacity expansion, however, the growth in derivative outputs will be limited although there are also capacity expansion plans in the polycarbonate (PC) and epoxy resin sectors.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia isocyanates market sentiment and outlook bearish
By Shannen Ng 30-Dec-22 10:12 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–A bearish outlook is expected for the Asian isocyanates markets in the first quarter (Q1) of 2023.

OUTLOOK ’23: Mideast TDI, PMDI markets expected to see limited ecovery in Q1 2023
By Damini Dabholkar 30-Dec-22 10:20 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The outlook for toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and polymeric methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (PMDI) in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) remains quite bearish for the first quarter of 2023, with weak demand and sufficient supply reinforcing each other.

OUTLOOK ’23: China’s phenol fundamentals to be reshaped on massive plant start-ups
By Yoyo Liu 30-Dec-22 10:27 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Fundamental in China’s domestic phenol market are likely to be reshaped in 2023 as multiple plant start-ups in Q4 2022 to Q1 2023 will sharply push up supply, while downstream demand growth may lag despite some new capacities.

OUTLOOK ’23: China’s domestic acetone market braces for new capacities
By Yi Liang 03-Jan-23 13:26 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s acetone market is expected to see more pressure in 2023 on account of new capacities that are scheduled to come on line.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia FAE may rebound in Q2, concerns over COVID-19 surge in China
By Helen Yan 03-Jan-23 10:45 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s fatty alcohol ethoxylates (FAEs) demand may pick up in the second quarter of 2023 but concerns remain due to the surge in COVID cases in China.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia PX pins hopes on gasoline amid bearish PTA outlook
By Samuel Wong 03-Jan-23 10:58 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asian paraxylene (PX) markets will ride on the hopes of a strong gasoline market, with arbitrage opportunities to the West to continue, and on the back of capacity expansions in both the PX and downstream purified terephthalic acid (PTA) markets in 2023.

OUTLOOK ‘23: Asia base oils supply to increase, overall demand to recover
By Matthew Chong 03-Jan-23 11:06 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s Group I base oils spot supply is expected to lengthen from December after restarts at a couple of southeast Asian refiners’ units from their turnarounds.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asian PTA supply ample, amid continual expansion plans
By Samuel Wong 03-Jan-23 11:11 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Continual expansion of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) facilities in Asia in 2023 will keep supply more than sufficient, with demand growth expected to lag.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia MTBE market subject to China demand recovery
By Keven Zhang 03-Jan-23 11:23 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) market stayed afloat in 2022 against recent slowing global economic growth and mounting recession fears.

OUTLOOK ’23: China’s MTBE export market to remain active as oversupply persists
By Aviva Zhang 03-Jan-23 22:24 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–In 2023, with persistent high supply of MTBE in China, the export market is expected to remain active.

OUTLOOK ’23: Poor upstream, downstream dampen outlook for Asia polyols in Q1 2023
By Shannen Ng 03-Jan-23 11:47 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The Asian polyols market is set to come under pressure from a volatile upstream propylene oxide (PO) market and poor demand for downstream polyurethane (PU) foam products.

OUTLOOK ’23: Mideast polyols market sentiment to stay tepid amid new capacities, slow demand
By Damini Dabholkar 03-Jan-23 11:31 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Middle East polyols are expected to see a tepid first quarter as low demand and ample availability continue to affect the market.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia oxo-alcohols spot deals to remain hampered by wide buy-sell gap
By Li Peng Seng 03-Jan-23 11:04 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The current wide buy-sell gap in Asia’s oxo-alcohols market is likely to extend into most of first-half of 2023 as economic uncertainties will weigh on demand, but makers under pressure to keep margins in the black would stay entrenched.

OUTLOOK ‘23: Asia etac, butac demand to recover; eyes on China
By Melanie Wee 04-Jan-23 12:52 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s ethyl acetate (etac) market could find solid footing in the horizon on prospects of recovering regional demand as China loosens its COVID-19 curbs.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia MA lacklustre demand to persist; hopes pinned on Q2 recovery
By Michelle Liew  03-Jan-23 11:34 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The Asian maleic anhydride (MA) market ended 2022 at a two-year low, embroiled in weakness from Q2 2022 onwards. Demand headwind is likely to persist entering into Q1 2023 in an oversupplied market.

OUTLOOK ‘23: Asia’s soda ash H1 outlook upbeat on demand; new capacity weighs on H2
By Helen Lee 04-Jan-23 10:25 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Reduced soda ash output in China amid the impact on manpower from the broadening COVID-19 outbreaks, coupled with buoyant demand projections from the downstream solar glass sector, underscores the market outlook in the first half of 2023.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia methanol ready for new demand centres; capacity expansion limited
By Keven Zhang 04-Jan-23 12:48 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–High price volatility dominated the Asian methanol market in the first-half of 2022, but weak macroeconomic performance in China and India led to a drying up of liquidity and stagnant prices in the second-half.

OUTLOOK ’23: China plasticizers demand recovery seen remote
By Li Peng Seng 04-Jan-23 11:46 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asian plasticizers plants’ average utilization rates for most of first-half 2023 could stay low as poor demand in key market China is expected to linger.

OUTLOOK ’23: Mideast and South Asia PVC markets to gain momentum in Q1 if real demand persists
By Damini Dabholkar 04-Jan-23 12:34 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) markets in the Middle East and south Asia witnessed a tumultuous year before ending 2022 on a high.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asia MEG demand remains key with new supply due to come on stream
By Judith Wang 04-Jan-23 14:15 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Upcoming new supply is expected to weigh on the Asian monoethylene glycol (MEG) market as it rides a bumpy recovery road, while demand performance will be key to shoring up the market in 2023.

OUTLOOK ‘23: New capacity, China’s COVID-19 surge weigh on Asia EVA market
By Helen Lee 04-Jan-23 15:13 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Asia’s supply of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is expected to lengthen as new capacities start-up, while surging COVID-19 cases in China following easing of pandemic-related restrictions could cap demand recovery in the first quarter of 2023.

OUTLOOK ’23: China’s VAM supply may be ample on capacity expansions
By Chiara Li 06-Jan-23 18:35 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) industry has multiple capacity expansion plans and supply may be ample in 2023.

OUTLOOK ’23: Asian PC makers to get limited relief on slow demand
By Li Peng Seng 05-Jan-23 12:02 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–The outlook for Asia’s polycarbonates (PC) through most of first-half of 2023 is expected to be gloomy as demand will remain crimped while supplies are likely to stay ample.

OUTLOOK ’23: China Group II base oils to see higher demand and less import dependency
By Whitney Shi 05-Jan-23 13:58 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s base oils demand is expected to recover in 2023 amid stronger economic growth expectation, while rising demand and ample supply for domestic Group II grades could further reduce dependency on imported cargoes.

OUTLOOK ’23: China’s PTA supply-demand to rebalance, cost pressure to ease
By Winnie Huang 05-Jan-23 14:38 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–Supply-demand in China’s purified terephthalic acid (PTA) market is expected to rebalance in 2023 because of massive new PTA capacities and improved demand amid easing COVID-19 curbs.

OUTLOOK ’23: China Group II base oils to see higher demand and less import dependency
By Whitney Shi 05-Jan-23 13:58 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s base oils demand is expected to recover in 2023 amid stronger economic growth expectation, while rising demand and ample supply for domestic Group II grades could further reduce dependency on imported cargoes.

OUTLOOK ’23: China BDO market to continue facing influx of start-ups in 2023
By Jady Ma 06-Jan-23 17:16 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s butanediol (BDO) market had seen a surge in start-ups in the second half of 2022, and this will persist in 2023. This, together with an uncertain outlook for downstream demand, is expected to weigh on supply-demand fundamentals.

OUTLOOK ’23: China MEG supply increase may outpace demand growth
By Cindy Qiu 06-Jan-23 09:46 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s monoethylene glycol (MEG) market may continue running into headwinds in 2023 after a downturn in 2022, as increasing supply given multiple new plants’ start-up plans may outweigh demand growth.

OUTLOOK ’23: China’s methanol short term demand to remain tepid, long-term outlook better
By Sam Liang 06-Jan-23 13:53  SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s methanol traditional demand in the first quarter of 2023 appears to be weak – a trend continuing from the second half of 2022 – though later in the year some recovery is expected as domestic economy is expected to improve.

OUTLOOK ’23: China 2-EH supply to increase slightly, demand to steer direction

By Claire Gao 06-Jan-23 13:24 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s 2-ethylhexanol (2-EH) supply is likely to increase slightly in 2023 due to limited new domestic capacities, with the market to monitor demand from the major downstream plasticizers industry for direction.

OUTLOOK ’23: China PO market to face increased supply pressure
By Floria Dai 06-Jan-23 13:59 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s propylene oxide (PO) market is expected to continue to face more supply pressure in 2023 because of new capacity additions.

OUTLOOK ’23: China’s VAM supply may be ample on capacity expansions
By Chiara Li 06-Jan-23 18:35 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) industry has multiple capacity expansion plans and supply may be ample in 2023.

OUTLOOK ’23: China ACN, downstream capacities to expand; oversupply challenges prevail
By Candy Nie 6-Jan-23 12:12 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s acrylonitrile (ACN) market will continue to see a slew of capacity expansions, particularly in the first half of 2023.

OUTLOOK ’23: Increased competition may weigh on China’s propylene production
By Yi Liang 06-Jan-23 17:20 SINGAPORE (ICIS)–China’s propylene capacity will continue to expand in 2023, against a backdrop of firm feedstock prices and a fragile domestic supply-demand balance. The accelerated competition in the domestic market may in turn weigh on production rates.

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