US Cargill and John Deere collaborate to enable revenue for farmers adopting sustainability

Mark Milam


HOUSTON (ICIS)–US agribusiness titans Cargill and John Deere have announced a collaborative effort to streamline the digital and in-field experience for farmers using John Deere’s technology and electing to participate in Cargill’s RegenConnect program.

RegenConnect is now in its third year of operation and this program pays farmers for improving soil health based on the regenerative agriculture practices they have adopted including cover crops, no till or reduced till.

Eligible acres must have a primary crop of corn, soy, wheat, or cotton.

As designed the RegenConnect program is intended to give farmers a financial incentive for achieving positive environmental outcomes through the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices, while helping to improve soil health and decarbonize the agriculture supply chain.

John Deere is contributing their precision ag technology and digital platform known as Operations Center, which will now assist farmers to implement and document the practices they choose to adopt as part of RegenConnect.

The two firms said they will work together to help farmers adopt and use precision technology and synchronize the flow of information when they opt-in to share data between systems.

To that end farmers will be able to use existing planting, harvest and tillage documentation data stored in the Operations Center, easily fill in missing information, and enroll in RegenConnect.

Cargill said this will help farmers save time, assure greater accuracy of data and offer the most up to date, consistent and comprehensive view of their operation.

For their part John Deere said the two companies share a vision for advancing agriculture sustainability through digital capabilities.

“Farmers will have another tool in their toolbox to make the best decisions about sustainability and profitability for their farm,” Alexey Rostapshov, John Deere Head of Sustainability Solutions said.

While the streamlined Operations Center functionality will be rolled out and enhanced over several program years right now the RegenConnect access is available to Operations Center users in 24 states.

Enrollment in the 2023 RegenConnect is open thru 15 September.


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