Tech, feedstock winners still to be declared as biofuels sector develops


The growth of the biofuels market is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels this year and continue to accelerate, driven by the growing prominence of the sustainability agenda and the binding emissions-reduction targets set to be adopted in many key economies.

As the sector matures, there are numerous paths to choose in terms of the technologies to adopt and the feedstock routes to choose, some that will come to dominate the market in future and some that will fall by the wayside.

How is the sector evolving? Which biofuels are seeing the strongest growth? What are the choices of feedstock and technology, and which show the strongest potential?

ICIS experts analyse the opportunities in the fast-growing sector at present, the technologies and feedstocks beneath the surface of the industry, and the winners and losers that could emerge as the biofuels market develops.

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