The outlook for hydrogen decarbonisation after COVID-19


The UK government’s goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 has created an imperative for the country’s natural gas industry to decarbonise. The country’s policy proposals and funding support have signalled a unique role for natural gas as a feedstock for “blue hydrogen” in conjunction with carbon capture and storage.

Our Head of Global Gas Analytics, Simon Ellis and Corin Taylor, Principal Consultant, DNV and Head of Decarbonised Gas Alliance, on 12 June 2020 delved into the plans to decarbonise the UK’s industrial clusters and how using hydrogen may serve as a potential policy at the COP 26 international climate conference in Glasgow. 

The webinar covered:

  • Policy support for hydrogen as a source of “green growth” after COVID-19
  • The role of hydrogen decarbonisation in meeting governmental and industry ‘net zero’ commitments
  • The policy and financial framework necessary to support the UK’s industrial clusters-Comparisons between UK and EU policy approaches to hydrogen
  • The prospects for carbon, capture, utilisation and storage to support ‘blue’ hydrogen development

Meet the experts

Simon Ellis

Simon Ellis – Head – Gas Analytics, ICIS

Simon Ellis is Head of Gas Analytics at ICIS. He leads a global team of analysts responsible for a suite of fundamental analytical and forecasting tools for both LNG and domestic gas markets. He is currently developing analytical content and products to serve the decarbonisation of gas markets. He previously edited the company’s weekly LNG publication and worked as a journalist and researcher covering infrastructure project finance.

Corrin Taylor

Corin Taylor, Principal Consultant, DNV GL

Corin Taylor is Principal Consultant of the Future of Gas team at DNV GL. Corin also heads the Decarbonized Gas Alliance (DGA) where his main aim is to promote the use of the entire gas system – including hydrogen and biogases – to help deliver the UK emission reduction and air quality goals. He has previously worked as director at United Kingdom Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG).

Ben Wetherall

Ben Wetherall, Market Development Director – Global Energy

Ben Wetherall is the Market Development Director for Global Energy at ICIS and oversees the company’s LNG and natural gas market development activities. He has worked closely with global market participants, governments and regulators, and the European gas industry to provide price reference points and market intelligence which has supported the growth of trade and gas market reforms. He previously edited the ICIS Global LNG portfolio and has published research on LNG and global gas trading and pricing. Prior to joining ICIS in 2010, Ben worked as a consultant for Gas Strategies where he provided commercial advice on upstream, pipeline and LNG projects in Europe, Russia and Asia.

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