ICIS Supply and Demand Data Service

Crucial data on the global petrochemical supply-demand framework

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Reconciled and robust data that reflect market reality

With so many changes taking place in the petrochemical trading behaviour, it is not easy to anticipate how markets will evolve and the potential implications to a company’s growth strategy or to new business ventures.

The ICIS Supply and Demand Data Service enables subscribers to gain a long-term view of the rapidly changing petrochemical markets. It offers end-to-end perspectives across the global petrochemical supply chain, including refineries. It provides quick access to data on import and export volumes, plant capacities, production, and product trade flows.

Covering over 100 petrochemical commodities, across 160 countries, with historical data from 1978 and forecast available up to 2040, this powerful data and analytics service from ICIS helps senior management, strategists, business planners, analysts and risk managers to:

  • Identify, evaluate and optimise opportunities
  • Identify and manage financial or investment risks
  • Validate commercial and growth strategies

Available in two different platforms to meet varying needs:


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