Heightening discussions about climate change paved a way for the plastics industry to revisit their future to support a world with little to no waste. Multi-national brands have set high sustainability targets, countries made stricter policies and consumer behaviors have changed dramatically fueled by public opinion on the imminent danger of plastics in the environment.

Moreover, the global outbreak of COVID-19 creates a new layer of changes in the plastics industry. While it resulted to a significant reduction in carbon emissions, plastic waste remains a problem that needs immediate solution.


How is your organisation adapting to these changes?

Gather comprehensive insights from thought-leaders to help you set up a stronger business outlook. It will also enable you to defend your competitive position while strengthening your sustainability strategies. Whether you are a producer, converter, FMCG, brand owner, or even operate in the financial sector, this course will give you a solid understand of the recycled polymers industry equipping you with the knowledge needed to make smarter business decisions.

In order to help you achieve these goals, ICIS delivers the Introduction to Plastics Recycling virtually this June. The health and safety of our customers is our utmost priority, this new way of learning allows you to gain product knowledge and market insights during this unique time from the comfort of your own home.



  • Insight on waste management – from collection to processing
  • Production routes to new use – outlook on flakes, pellet and food grade
  • Chemical recycling – types, development and viewpoints on how disruptive the process could be
  • Market dynamics across polymers – impact on virgin markets from recyclates




  • Fully digital platform

All sessions will be accessed online from your computer, tablet or mobile, giving you the flexibility of taking the course at your chosen location and device.

  • Live and interactive sessions

Understanding the relevance of getting access to information real time, the course will be delivered live including interactive sessions providing you with a platform to engage with trainers and other delegates

  • Modular approach

The course will run across 4 days with an average of 2.5 hours each

  • Timely and comprehensive agenda topics

Each module will touch on the areas that shape the current trends within the plastics recycling industry, coupled with future challenges and outlook


Helen McGeough, Senior Analyst, Plastics Recycling, ICIS

Helen leads market analysis and consulting for global recycled PET markets, working with contacts across the supply chain from collection, reclamation through to end users. She has over 20 years’ experience in consultancy, having worked initially in the Digital Technology industry and for the past 14 years in recycled PET within ICIS and Wood Mackenzie (previously PCI).

Prior to joining ICIS Helen has developed supply demand database for recycled PET markets, including forecasts for collection, reclamation, and end use of recycled PET products. She has been responsible for monthly coverage of recycled PET market including price discovery, analysis of market developments and regulatory developments. Helen has generated price forecasts for recycled PET flake and food grade pellets by key regions. Helen has delivered multiple custom studies in the recycling area, assisting investment and strategy development for parties within the recycled PET supply.

With ICIS, she will build the coverage of recycled plastics through her previous experience and expertise. Helen is the author of the ICIS R-PET Analytics service launched in May 2019 and is responsible for driving content-specific contributions to ICIS services. Helen has been a speaker at conferences and seminars on R-PET in Europe, North America and Asia.

Mark Victory, Senior Editor, Recycling, ICIS

Mark Victory is one of the Senior Editors for recycling at ICIS and is dedicated to expanding our coverage across this vital and growing sector. Mark has been with ICIS since 2008, and has covered recycling markets throughout his time with the company – including 8 years as the editor of the R-PET report .

Mark is currently the editor of the R-PE and R-PP reports, which he launched in 2019. Mark also has extensive experience across petrochemical and fertilizer markets, having been the regular editor for more than 25 separate markets, and managed several teams of editors. Mark was also the chief editor of the Global Automotive report.

Prior to joining ICIS, Mark covered structured products, international bonds, and commercial paper markets.

Course Fees

$1000 (+UK VAT at 20% if applicable)*

For group bookings of three or more, please contact us via icis.training@rbi.co.uk

*NB: Please enter your VAT number (or local equivalent) on our payment page, otherwise UK VAT at 20% will be applied. Customers based in the UK will be charged UK VAT at 20% whether or not a VAT number is provided.

In-House Training

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  • Save money on transportation and accommodation, with training at a convenient location
  • Flexibility – you determine the length and duration of the sessions
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