What you need to know about ICIS news

The pace of change in the global chemical industry is heating up. Having – or not having – the latest news to hand can be critical to the success of your business.

ICIS news brings you breaking chemical news as it happens – including market moves, analysis, data and more. The service is reliable, authoritative and always available when you need it most.



With ICIS news you'll get:

  • Real-time news updated 24 hours a day from every key sector of the chemical industry
  • Complete market coverage including the US, Asia, Europe, Russia, China, India and Latin America
  • All plant and project news including the latest on capacity, outputs and shutdowns
  • Key facts on more than 50 commodity chemicals including properties, process technology, health and safety, market and price information, news summaries, and plant and project listings
  • Only the content you want - you can customise the service to find your business-critical information faster
  • A fast and accurate search engine that gives you access to more than 900,000 articles from the past 10 years

What our customers say about ICIS news:

"I use ICIS news to check market conditions and get the latest information about my key suppliers.”

Purchasing Manager, UK

Morning and evening industry snapshots are a godsend. I get all the information I need in seconds flat.

Analyst, US

“Without capacity information from Plant & Projects, effective business planning would be impossible.”

Product Manager, Saudi Arabia

Energy news

If your interest is specifically in energy news, this is covered in our energy market reports.



Fertilizer news

Fertilizer news is covered in our fertilizer market reports and is part of ICIS news.


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