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Gasolines are a blend of light hydrocarbons for use as a motor fuel. Quality specifications vary between regions due to climate and environmental requirements, together with seasonal quality variations.


Naphtha is a blend of light hydrocarbons used as a feedstock for either gasoline blending or for further processing into petrochemical derivatives.

Jet Kerosene

Jet Kerosene is a middle distillate fuel generally produced to exacting specifications for use as the civil aviation fuel. In some regions a lower quality specification kerosene or a dual-purpose grade is produced and used as a domestic heating fuel, especially in Asia and notably in Japan and Korea. The product covered by ICIS pricing is the high quality civil aviation jet fuel grade.


DieselGasoil and Heating oil are middle distillate fuels used either as an automotive fuel (diesel), as a fuel for plant and machinery, or as a domestic/light industrial heating fuel. In some regions the material is produced as a dual-purpose fuel. Diesel fuel has additional quality specifications to ensure efficient combustion and environmental standards for automotive use. Both diesel and gasoil fuel qualities vary between regions depending upon climatic conditions and seasons.

Fuel Oils

Residual fuels represent the heavy yields from the refining processes. Straight-run fuel oils are produced solely from atmospheric distillation and are generally used as an intermediate feedstock for further processing within the refining system to increase the yields of lighter products. Cracked fuel oils are used as fuel for power generation, marine bunkers and large industrial heating plants. These fuel oils are generally categorised between high and low-sulphur grades, with the latter containing less than 1% sulphur.

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