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Asian Chemical Connections

John Richardson’s Asian Chemicals Connections looks at Asian and global commodity chemicals and polymer pricing trends, supply and demand, macroeconomics, energy and environmental issues.

China’s petrochemicals capacity growth: A new normal of much greater uncertainty
15th July 2024

UNDERSTANDING what was going to happen next with petrochemicals capacity additions in China used to be easy. Now we are in a world of muddle and ambig

China PP exports could reach 2.6m tonnes in 2024 as markets become ever-more complex
5th July 2024

As recently as 2020, China’s PP exports for the whole year were just 424,746 tonnes. Between 2021 and 2023 they ranged between 1.3m to 1.4m tonnes.

China’s Third Plenum later this month: Implications for petchem markets
2nd July 2024

How will we know if the Third Plenum has returned China to its old growth trajectory? If China CFR HDPE price spreads over CFR Japan naphtha costs reb

China’s ever-more sophisticated chemicals market could entirely serve itself
18th June 2024

What's your Plan B if China were to also become self-sufficient in specialities as well as commodities?


Chemicals and the Economy

Guest blogger, Paul Hodges looks behind today's headlines and studies key influencers shaping the chemical industry over the next 12-18 months. He takes a closer look at oil prices, economic growth and the environment among other things, along with some light-hearted commentary along the way.

The time for action to protect European chemicals is now
14th July 2024

The critical test is now ahead – making it happen. Companies, investors and policymakers need to borrow Winston Churchill’s famous motto, “Actio

Hurricanes and Houthis pressure global supply chains and add to inflation risk
7th July 2024

The Houthi attacks and increased hurricane risks highlight how geopolitics are replacing economics as the key driver for decisions. Global supply chai

It’s our 17th birthday – and the world is looking very different from when we started
30th June 2024

The two super-critical ‘dividends’ of the past 30 years are now reversing. The ‘demographic dividend’ of constant growth and low inflation cre

Stock market bubbles follow the same pattern, as Nvidia and Cisco confirm
23rd June 2024

Nvidia is a good company. And AI has proved useful for decades – flying planes, for example. But Silicon Valley is also very good at hype. And so Nvid


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