Constant demand driven by downstream phosphates markets

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Used in a wide variety of ways, sulphur has a part to play in the manufacture of many high-volume products, including car batteries and fertilisers. To correctly anticipate and maximise sulphur market opportunities, commodity traders must scrutinise upstream activity. This includes refinery output rates, as well as demand levels downstream. It’s a lot to stay abreast of.

Extensive reporting on key chemicals markets is one reason why ICIS are the first choice for market intelligence for sulphur decision-makers in high volume markets such as China, Europe, the Middle East and Canada. Our price reports and market fundamentals back up key decisions every day. Coupled with forward-looking analysis and upstream and downstream viewpoints gain the additional insight needed to plan ahead effectively.



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Our established team of locally-based experts provide a comprehensive view of key markets in Asia, US and Europe. We cover pricing, news and market fundamentals in each region. We also engage with an extensive network of producers, buyers, sellers and traders.

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