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The shift to online shopping has increased demand for packaging paper and the caustic soda used to make it. The trend for lightweighting vehicles has increased demand for aluminium and for caustic soda, which is used to refine alumina from bauxite. It is also used in a number of chemical and refinery processes.

As the most-used export benchmark in the USA/Latin America, ICIS monitor key industries and projects, and the growth trends that will keep you ahead of the market.

ICIS covers key economic and industrial data, including export volumes and key trade flows, any changes in duties and tariffs. We analyse the influence of other regional markets, provide online database access for plant outages, production data, and price history, and monitor key demand sectors, including alumina, chemicals, refining, and pulp and paper production.

Our editors glean timely market information across each market, with comprehensive input from producers, buyers, traders, brokers and regulators.




ICIS has editors on the spot in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, the USA and Asia. Our transparent methodology separates different volume layers in the market.

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