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Environmental policy developments are not just the key driver of carbon markets – policy is the only reason this market exists in the first place. Policy in individual markets drives supply and sets a framework for demand that tracks climate legislation. Carbon analysts and traders need to be able to forecast prices, predict trends, understand risk and take action quickly. These demand a robust and reliable market intelligence provider.

We are the only dedicated and truly global provider of all the major carbon markets worldwide. Our forensic focus has enabled ICIS carbon experts to develop a deep understanding of various market participants and their behaviour (utilities, oil and gas, financials, energy intensive industry) and offer meaningful and accurate insight into this complex area.




Gain a strategic advantage in the carbon market with a comprehensive, transparent view of prices, forecasts, trade flows and supply.

Carbon market analytics

Fuelled by reliable data sources to forecast the true market balance, make confident business decisions now.

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Now, more than ever, dynamic insights are key to navigating complex, volatile commodity markets.

Access to expert insights on the latest industry developments and tracking market changes are vital in making sustainable business decisions.

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