The ICIS Acrylonitrile market is covered weekly from Asia, Europe and the US and our local team of reporters provide you with independent, unbiased pricing information

  • In Asia, the report tracks all the spot transactions in China and India as well as deep-sea cargoes from the US Gulf and Europe
  • The European report contains two main key reference pricing points, the spot price is quoted in dollars per tonne on a CIF Western European basis.The monthly contract price is quoted in Euros per tonne on a free delivered North West European basis
  • In the US, there are two contract prices; the domestic price is formula based tracking price changes in chemical-grade propylene and ammonia and there is an export price. The spot price is assessed on a FOB export basis
  • Our subscribers use reports as an invaluable tool to help make business decisions and assess market conditions

Active Documents

Acrylonitrile Methodology Consultation 2022


ICIS is implementing a process of rolling consultation on all of its pricing methodologies. This consultation paper is part of this formal process and covers all of the ICIS primary price points included in the acrylonitrile weekly publications. The consultation asks both general questions about the suitability of the ICIS pricing methodology and questions addressing […]

Acrylonitrile Methodology – 4 January 2023


This is the ICIS pricing methodology for acrylonitrile. ICIS quotes acrylonitrile prices in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US Gulf. ICIS continuously develops, reviews and revises its methodologies in consultation with industry participants. Previous versions of this methodology can be found under Archived Documents. For a copy of an archived methodology document, please email To find out more, […]