ICIS publishes the China Gasoline & Gasoil reports on a daily and weekly basis.

Our network of local reporters closely follows China’s gasoline and gasoil markets, giving market participants access to the following information:

  • 92# Gasoline Domestic Spot Prices at locations across China
  • 95# Gasoline Domestic Spot Prices, delivered by truck
  • Gasoline Import Spot Prices
  • Gasoil Daily Domestic Spot Prices

Active Documents

China Gasoline & Gasoil Methodology – 15 November 2017


This is the ICIS pricing methodology for gasoline and gasoil in the China market. ICIS continuously develops, reviews and revises its methodologies in consultation with indstry participants. When future versions of the methodology replace this original bilingual version, the previous versions will be found under Archived Documents. To find out more, please see China-Gasoline-Gasoil-Methodology-15-November-2017