The ICIS European Gas Hub Report is published quarterly

  • The report provides a comprehensive, quarterly analysis of price and market developments, as well as an outlook for all major trading hubs in Europe. The detailed report covers not only NWE, but the newer and less liquid markets in the Med and central and eastern Europe
  • Published every October, it provides expert outlooks for future development and a wealth of hard to come by knowledge on the potential for future trading points like Poland, Turkey and Greece
  • Readers receive three additional quarterly updates during the year, ensuring they are always aware of the latest changes to liquidity, counterparties, regulation and infrastructure

Active Documents

European Gas Hub Report Methodology – October 2012

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ICIS publishes market data based on information continually gathered from market participants about: spot transactions; spot bid and offer levels; contract price negotiations; prices of related commodities; and relevant freight costs. ICIS includes in its data-generation process only information gathered up to the published market close time for each commodity and assessed period. ICIS does […]