The ICIS Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Report is covered weekly in Asia, China, CIS, Europe, Latin America, Middle East-South Asia and the US

  • Asia quotes FOB NE Asia, CFR China Main Port, CFR SE Asia and FOB China Main Port for carbide and ethylene based material
  • European spot prices are FD NWE, FOB NWE Export, FD Russia, while monthly contracts for pipegrade are quoted FD for NWE, UK and Med
  • US monthly contract prices are for pipegrade and general purpose, spot prices are quoted on a del basis and export prices on a FOB basis
  • The Middle East-South Asia report quotes GCC, East Med, Pakistan and India, while Latin America focuses on Argenitna, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela
  • With detailed coverage from China and CIS, there is a complete global picture for PVC
  • The reports are essential for market participants within the PVC industry and offer a vital source of information on market trends, together with the latest shipping fixtures, enquiries and spot deals

Active Documents

Polyvinyl Chloride Methodology – 3 July 2018


This is the ICIS pricing methodology for polyvinyl chloride (PVC). ICIS quotes PVC prices in Europe, US, Asia-Pacific, China, Middle East and Latin America. ICIS continuously develops, reviews and revises its methodologies in consultation with industry participants. Previous versions of this methodology can be found under Archived Documents. To find out more, please see Polyvinyl-Chloride-Methodology-3-July-2018