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A key transition fuel for the new energy landscape
As the world transitions towards full decarbonisation in the long term, LNG is a key transition fuel in meeting rising global energy demand, providing secure supply while keeping emissions and costs in check.

A key transition fuel for the new energy landscape

As LNG trade and markets become increasingly global, the impact of developments in any one region can ripple through others with greater influence than before. To navigate the growing uncertainties and identify opportunities in this increasingly volatile, complex and interconnected global gas market, benefit from complete intelligence to form a complete perspective of historic, current, and future market conditions.

As the integrated energy experts, ICIS empowers all participants to effectively navigate market complexity with a range of trusted European gas price benchmarks including the ICIS TTF, forward looking forecasts, exclusive news, and powerful analytics.

Together we can develop a holistic view of the challenges – and many opportunities – that the energy transition brings to the LNG industry.



ICIS gives you the intelligence you need to confidently identify opportunities, mitigate risk and invest strategically.
Access your intelligence seamlessly through ICIS Clarity, our critical hub for expert insight.

LNG pricing, news & insight

Get daily data-driven insight and expert analysis. Access the news as it happens. Gain a complete perspective of market conditions – historic, current and future.

German LNG price assessment

First on the market daily price assessment for the German LNG market built on ICIS’ proven methodology and pricing expertise to support business decisions on both sell and buy side.

LNG Edge

Access an integrated solution that brings together global spot price assessments and indices, a news alert service, deep-dive analysis and live cargo tracking.

LNG Edge supply & demand forecast

A month-by-month forward-looking view. Compare forecast adjustments as live events happen.

LNG analytics API

The seamless integration of premium LNG Edge data delivered in real time to existing datasets providing timely vessel tracking. A depth of data right at your fingertips.

New price assessment: ICIS TTF Early Day

With the new ICIS TTF Early Day, Asian market participants can now trade with the same assurance and on the same terms as their European peers.​ Speak to an ICIS expert to learn more.

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