Making sense of market events: Coronavirus and oil price slumps

Markets are in turmoil impacted by day-to-day developments and changing conditions. The Coronavirus, the slump in oil prices and the effect on global chemical prices are putting enormous economic pressure on global chemical markets.

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Expert insight and analysis of the impact coronavirus is having on energy and chemicals markets

Covid-19 & the Chemicals market

An analysis the impact of the year’s volatility on chemical markets and bring together the latest updates from ICIS.

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Coronavirus impact on energy markets

Stay up to date at this unprecedented time with expert insight and analysis of the impact coronavirus is having on energy markets.

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Coronavirus industry forums

The coronavirus pandemic has been disrupting chemicals and energy supply chains, changing demand patterns and causing a significant impact on feedstock prices.

To help the industry navigate these turbulent times, we have launched a webinar series that explores how different markets can best get through the crisis.

ICIS Packaging Forum - North America

Thu, Aug 6, 2020
15:30-16:30 BST

A variety of factors have led to bullish sentiment in the US polyethylene and polypropylene markets. Join us for discussion on whether that momentum is sustainable as the pandemic drags on and how purchasing managers in the PE/PP supply chain should planning out the rest of 2020.


Jeremy Pafford, Head of North America, Market Development, ICIS
Zachary Moore, Deputy Managing Editor, Americas, ICIS
James Ray, Vice President, Consulting, Americas, ICIS

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11 August, 9-10:30am US Central time (3-4:30 pm BST)
Packaging Plastics in Focus: How commodity plastics markets are evolving due to the pandemic. Presentation by Alex Lidback, Vice President, Chemical Data
Sustainability: Challenges in meeting aggressive targets. Presentation by ICIS Senior Analyst Helen McGeough
Personal Care and Hygiene Trends: A look at how the demand surge is affecting raw material markets and innovation. Presentation by Neil Burns, CEO of P2 Science
Consumer Demand Post-Coronavirus: What opportunities and challenges will FMCGs and retailers face once the pall of the virus lifts? Presentation by Richard Holt, Head of Global Cities Research, Oxford Economics, and Josh McBain, Director of Consultancy at Foresight Factory

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Engineering Plastics Forum

17 August, 8:30am-9:30am BST/3:30pm-4:30pm Singapore time (1 hour)
Topic: COVID-19 and the impact on engineering plastic markets
Markets for plastics such as ABS, PC and PMMA are being pulled in different directions. Prices of feedstocks have recovered in recent months but with the pandemic yet to ease there is considerable uncertainty around demand for these polymers. This webinar will explore key market developments including the rise of PMMA sheets as protective barriers, review price drivers, and the outlook for demand and supply.

Speakers: Malini Hariharan, Market Development Director, APAC, ICIS Lili Chng, Markets Editor, ICIS

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An outlook for European gas markets for the coming winter

21 August, 10:00am-11:00am BST
The European gas market has been volatile this year with oversupply as a result of an LNG influx and lower demand due to the economic impact of the coronavirus. Join our webinar on 7 August for a view on market dynamics for the coming winter.
Key topics:
Winter ’20 contracts – is there more room for downside
Prices in delivery – the impact of temperatures on the winter spot market
Power sector – how French nuclear and new renewable capacity will impact gas markets this winter
Infrastructure update – Focus on the Nord Stream 2 and TAP projects.

Alice Casagni, Deputy Editor of ESGM at ICIS.

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Personal Care & Hygiene Forum

31 August 8:30am-9:30am BST/3:30pm-4:30pm Singapore time (1 hour)
Topic: New normal for Asian Fatty Acid/Fatty Alcohol and IPA markets
Markets for key chemical raw materials such as fatty acids, fatty alcohols and isopropyl alcohol (IPA) are rebalancing after heavy buying during parts of H1 2020. But feedstock prices are still volatile and with the pandemic yet to ease in many parts of the world, there are questions on how the rest of the year will pan out. This webinar will explore key market developments in and the outlook for demand and supply.

Speakers: Malini Hariharan, Market Development Director, APAC, ICIS
Jackie Wong, Senior Editor, ICIS
Yuanlin Koh, Markets Editor, ICIS

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Latest Covid-19 News

Latest news on Oil/Petchem price volatility


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A thank you to the chemical industry

Special Edition of ICIS Chemical Business

The packaging industry responds how industry is helping battle coronavirus

Recorded on the 22nd April 2020

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