Making sense of market events: Coronavirus and oil price slumps

Markets are in turmoil impacted by day-to-day developments and changing conditions. The Coronavirus, the slump in oil prices and the effect on global chemical prices are putting enormous economic pressure on global chemical markets.

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The coronavirus pandemic has been disrupting chemicals and energy supply chains, changing demand patterns and causing a significant impact on feedstock prices.

To help the industry navigate these turbulent times, we have launched a webinar series that explores how different markets can best get through the crisis. Get the latest updates from our team of experts with the following webinars:

Coronavirus: Impact on China Petrochemical Industry Webinar

Thursday, 2 April 2020 | 10:15am – 11:15am BST

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2 April 2020: Macroeconimic Drivers of Chemical Markets

Thursday, 8:30am BST | Presenter:
John Richardson Market Development, Director Asian polymers

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Covid-19: European gas market impact and outlook

3 April 2020, Friday, 3pm BST | Presenters:
Ben Wetherall, Head of Gas & Jimmy Fowler, Senior Markets reporter

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Personal & home care: How has the pandemic impacted supply of oleochemicals

6 April 2020, Monday, 8:30am BST | Presenter:
Malini Hariharan, Head of Asian Markets

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6 April 2020: The impact of coronavirus on chemical and energy supply chains - Quantitative Modelling of the Chemicals Market in Crisis

Monday, 3pm BST | Presenter:

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Recent Webinars

Personal care and Home care – How has the pandemic impacted supply of oleochemical raw materials
Recorded on the 30th March 2020
Crude oil price collapse – Impact on olefins supply
Recorded on the 30th March 2020
US LNG Supply Dynamics
Recorded on the 27th March 2020
Macroeconomics Drivers of Chemical Markets
Recorded on the 26 March 2020


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