Brazil Potash receives vote favouring Autazes project from Mura leadership

Mark Milam


HOUSTON (ICIS)–Brazil Potash said that the leadership of the Mura people has informed the Canadian producer of their vote in favour of the Autazes Potash project.

Currently, Brazil Potash is advancing the estimated $2.5bn project in the state of Amazonas with the proposed mine and processing facilities located 75 miles southeast of the state capital Manaus.

It had previously submitted an indigenous consultation study (ECI) to the government indigenous rights protection agency, yet earlier this month, a local court had suspended the preliminary permit.

Federal prosecutors had claimed to the court that permitting procedures were not properly undertaken. The company, which has expectations of starting production by 2026, denied any wrongdoing at the time.

In a statement, the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, said the support of the Mura people is crucial with there now being the possibility of establishing a new economic foundation for the state.

“This is a very important day, a historic day because we are taking a significant step towards changing the lives of the people who reside in the state of Amazonas, especially those in the municipality of Autazes,” said Lima.

“This is a fundamental step, and I consider it the most important one, which is the process of consulting the Mura people about the potassium exploration activity in the municipality of Autazes.”

Adriano Espeschit, the president of the company’s subsidiary Potassio do Brasil, said that the potash produced worldwide is a crucial fertilizer for crops and that right now, Brazil is very dependent on imports rather than being self-reliant.

“This is a new moment for Autazes, for Amazonas, for Brazil, and why not say it for the world, as food security depends on fertilizers for agriculture, to feed people and eradicate hunger in our world,” said Espeschit.

“This is a strategic project to end world hunger. We will work on the next steps to advance licensing and begin the project’s installation in Autazes.”

Current estimates show that Brazilian annual potash consumption is approximately 12.6m short tons, with roughly 85% of those needs served by imports, but Brazil Potash expects that the Autazes project will eventually be producing 2.2m tons per year.


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