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ICIS is the only dedicated and global carbon market intelligence provider that can leverage behavioural modelling to formulate actionable and accurate insights from over 2 million data points and over 6 million emission allowance transactions in the EU ETS alone.

Our analysis covers all major carbon markets worldwide: EU ETS, Western Climate Initiative (California, Quebec, Ontario), RGGI and China’s pilots and National ETS.

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ICIS carbon market analytics solutions

Find out more about our carbon analytics solutions

The carbon market analytics solutions can be customised and tailored depending on your needs and regions. We cover the EU ETS, Western Climate Initiative (California, Quebec, Ontario), RGGI and China’s pilots and National ETS. Please contact our team to find out more about the options you have or to set up a trial for one of our products.

ICIS Carbon Insight

Instant market overview and easily digestible

  • Intra-day analyst updates
  • Monthly market briefing report containing mid-term forecast
  • Access to in-depth research reports and webinars
  • Access to ICIS annual carbon seminars
  • Analyst access via email, phone and messenger
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ICIS carbon portal

Premium suite of carbon intelligence tools

  • Short-term price indicator and mid- and long-term price forecasts (including scenario tool)
  • Breakdown of the market balance and market data
  • Installation and compliance company behavioural database
  • Fundamental data up to 2030
  • Complete insight package advantages included
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ICIS Carbon Resources

News from the ICIS carbon team

11th December 2018, Houston – Mason Henderson, a former senior broker, vice president and managing director, has joined ICIS to lead its North America Carbon Market Team. Working in carbon market related positions since 2001, Henderson brings first-hand knowledge of carbon trading to the team.In recognition of the growing demand for market expertise and analysis, the hire is the latest in a series of global appointment made during the past 18 months. Senior analyst Matteo Mazzoni joined ICIS in November, Anise Ganbold was recruited from Platts as a senior analyst in May and Marcus Ferdinand was appointed lead analyst having joined from Thomson Reuters Point Carbon in 2017.

As a result, the ICIS energy analytics team has more than quadrupled in size over the past 5 years.

“Mason is a well-known market expert with a strong reputation for understanding the drivers of the North American cap-and-trade programs,” said Philipp Ruf, Director of Power and Carbon Analytics at ICIS. “Mason’s addition to our rapidly growing team reflects once more the success of our analytical approach. It also allows us to expand the reach and depth of our analysis in the Americas over the next months and years,” added Ruf.

Henderson most recently worked an independent consultant, but has been employed in various organisations including ClimeCO Corporation and Element Markets. In his new role at ICIS, Henderson will focus on carbon analysis where he will remain in close contact with traders and brokers.
“The growing importance of carbon pricing and the need for independent analytics to support trading activities makes this the right time for me to move into analytics. The large success of the ICIS team in Europe and the strong growth in the North American cap-and-trade markets gives us the opportunity to grow our service to offer even better support for our clients,” said Mason Henderson.

For more information contact:
Philipp Ruf
Director – Power & Carbon Analytics
Direct: +49 (0) 721 205 96 29 13

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