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The ICIS Ethyl Acetate reports are published in Asia, Europe and the US on a weekly basis.  

All regions cover the spot market, while in the US there is also a distributor price assessment. The independent pricing information is gathered locally by our network of reporters.  Commentary and analysis covers regional activity, upstream news, production updates and graphs, ensuring you are equipped with the latest market movements when making your commercial judgements.

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Ethyl acete or etac is a solvent with the main outlet being coatings which account for about 60% of demand.


Process solvents including pharmaceuticals and organic synthesis account for 15% while printing inks are also estimated at 15%. Miscellaneous uses including adhesives cosmetics account for a further 10% of demand.


The main European producers of ethyl acetate are Ineos, Sekab and Solutia. Product is regularly imported from Celanese in the US and Rhodia in Brazil. There are also imports of Indian product, and while there are some regular players involved in this, there is also some more sporadic involvement depending on net-backs and demand.


Producers generally agree contracts direct with the larger customers and have contracts with the distribution network to deliver to medium and smaller buyers.


Ethyl acetate’s key feedstocks are ethanol and acetic acid or ethylene and acetic acid depending on the player.

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