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ICIS has a network of locally based reporters providing coverage of regional Fatty acids markets. They provide not just pricing information, but an in-depth understanding of the factors driving prices and market fluctuations.

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What's happening in the Fatty acids market?

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Fatty Acids Overview Transcript


The North American fatty acid report in the US covers fatty acids that are derived from tallow. Fatty acids are part of the oleochemical community of products. Those products are made through various splitting of water and oils, fat being an oil, so when you create the fatty acid you get the acid component of the oil splitting. You also get a glycerine co-product.


The fatty acids go into a variety of products, they are ubiquitous in the market in fact, they go into food products, they go into industrial products, they go into agricultural products.


In the food industry they are used to make foods more palatable. In the industrial industry they go into surfactants, where they are combined with alcohols to create esters and in the agricultural industry they go into the same items.

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