The ICIS Polypropylene (PP) Europe Price Forecast Report is a monthly publication accessed via the dashboard

  • The report is an essential tool in making buying and selling decisions. The reader will be able to stay ahead of competition by getting the information needed to assess the market in the short to medium term
  • Use 12 month rolling price forecasts to see where prices are heading, gain insight into current prices for the most prevalent Europe polypropylene grade (homo-polymer injection moulding grade) and feedstock propylene
  • Understand how prices and margins impact profitability, read analysis of producer margins and propylene market dynamics, gauge whether prices will go up or down in the short- to medium-term and plan production activity levels
  • The report includes all the information you need to make fast and effective decisions on propylene prices, production, budgeting and trade. The report includes all of the details in a concise four-page format that includes commentary, graphs, tables and diagrams

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