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ICIS provides extensive coverage of the global natural gas markets, bringing you independent pricing information and in-depth analysis, along with commentary and news. Information, such as price assessments and indices, can be easily accessed on the ICIS Dashboard.

Our network of reporters in Europe, China, Singapore and the US delivers local insights for many hubs and markets, published across a wide range of gas reports. ICIS is an established source of essential pricing information, used by key players in the global markets. In particular, the NBP Heren Index and TTF Heren Index are key global benchmarks for the European natural gas markets.

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TTF Day-ahead Natural Gas Price Assessment

The Dutch TTF Day-ahead natural gas price is trading at lows not seen for a number of years

Natural Gas Market Overview

Updated to Q3 2016

European natural gas prices have come under considerable downward pressure in recent years, with the Dutch TTF Day-ahead contract assessed at €11.05/MWh in late August 2016. Having been worth more than €25.00/MWh in early 2014, the TTF price – which is a benchmark for the European market – has traded lower on improved global supply and lacklustre European demand. Weak oil prices have also contributed to this fall.

Much of the additional global supply comes from new production and exports from the US and Australia, which has allowed other exporters, such as Qatar, to send more natural gas to the NBP and TTF.

At the same time, traditional European suppliers in Norway and Russia continue to distribute their natural gas to the traded hubs in Europe.

ICIS gas benchmark prices

Benchmark your position in European natural gas with ICIS indices and assessments

Heren proprietary indices and assessments are the industry standard for European gas. Independently assessed and verified, directly from the market, these prices provide a reliable benchmark for the main gas hubs.

The British NBP and Dutch TTF natural gas prices, produced by ICIS, are referenced throughout the world and are the gas industry’s main reference for the European continent as a whole.

Our daily indices and assessments are designed to increase pricing transparency, enabling you to make accurate, timely decisions when buying and selling European natural gas.

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Brenntag targets global growth in market share - CEO

...the purchase of parts of US-headquartered Greene’s Energy Group which serves the oil and gas industry. The same month it acquired another US group - Petra... Tue, 18 Jul 2017

Podcast: NBP front month hits 2017 low

...Podcast: NBP front month hits 2017 low. Ellie Chambers. The NBP front-month natural gas contract hit a 2017 price low in week 28. ICIS takes stock of where... Fri, 14 Jul 2017

Steep British gas price discount to persist through summer, CCGTs to cash in

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Austrian regulator to enforce gas capacity conversion service

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Winter contracts slump hits NBP and TTF gas liquidity

Winter contracts slump hits NBP and TTF gas liquidity

Trade on the Dutch TTF and British NBP natural gas hubs dropped year on year in June for the third consecutive month, broker and exchange data collated by ICIS showed.

ICIS looks at the key fundamental reasons why liquidity at Europe’s two largest gas hubs declined, including low price volatility, issues at Britain’s Rough storage site and production caps at the Netherlands’s Groningen field.

European LNG send-out spikes amid global price convergence

European LNG send-out spikes amid global price convergence

A recent surge in LNG send-out into gas grids from European terminals has coincided with the greatest level of convergence among key global gas prices for at least six years, ICIS analysis shows.

ICIS looks at the key drivers behind this global price convergence, in the context of rising US LNG exports and a scarcity of European LNG reloads.

China Gas and LNG Market Intelligence Solution

China Gas and LNG Market

Discover opportunities in China’s dynamic gas/LNG markets with a single, trusted source for pricing, data, news and analysis

  • China’s domestic and import prices for gas and LNG
  • Coverage of liquefaction plant operating rates and cost-effectiveness
  • China’s gas and LNG supply and demand data and forecasts, broken down by sub-segment
  • Up-to-date progress for gas and LNG infrastructure projects
  • LNG shipment arrivals
  • China’s policy developments and their impact on global markets