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Our purpose

We believe in optimising the world’s resources through data and analytics

For a better tomorrow

The world’s resources may be limited, but human ingenuity knows no bounds.

Through expert data and analytics, bringing transparency to complex commodities markets, we help companies make sustainable decisions that shape the future. Navigate interconnected value chains with a comprehensive, reliable market view.

Our story

Over 150 years of heritage

For decades, ICIS prices have been the backbone of billions of dollars’ worth of decisions taken every day.

Connecting markets across the globe

We bring together data, markets and customers, empowering strategic, sustainable decision-making.

Innovating with data, analytics and insight

Responding to customers’ needs with new data channels and solutions such as AskICIS, our GenAI assistant.

A trusted strategic partner

Helping companies manage risk and plan with confidence in an uncertain, dynamic trading landscape.

Sharing our purpose

Hear how we help our customers. Let’s shape tomorrow together.

Industry trends

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Europe gas & power outlook H2 2024

An exploration of the interplay between bearish fundamentals and bullish geopolitics, and the impact on European gas and power.

The path to circularity in Europe

A look at the vital importance of recognising plastic waste’s value in order to achieve the circular economy.

PET value chain 2024

Demystify the increasingly complex interaction between virgin and R-PET pricing and learn about global market dynamics.

The growing threat to energy of cyberattacks

An analysis of the increasing risk posed by cyberattacks, and safeguards energy companies can introduce to boost cybersecurity.

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Partnering with ICIS unlocks a vision of a future you can trust and achieve. We leverage our unrivalled network of industry experts to deliver a comprehensive market view based on independent and reliable data, insight and analytics.

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