For a regional view of key energy commodities, ICIS delivers. Our energy solutions are guaranteed to help you spot and tap into opportunities for driving margins and profitability. The breadth and depth of ICIS energy coverage is second to none.

Drawing on the extensive expertise of our editorial team we uniquely combine global reach with local knowledge to create powerful market intelligence. Our pricing data, news and analysis stretches upstream and downstream, providing greater insight into the dynamics and factors driving shifting prices. If you need to react quickly to market changes and formulate timely and robust commercial strategies, the energy solutions from ICIS provide all the necessary insight and analysis.

The energy markets we cover include crude and refined products, gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), power (including renewable energy), carbon and more.

We offer a variety of pricing information and analysis across these commodities, including:​

Pricing reports on key market sectors, examining drivers and fluctuations with deep historical data

Relevant and timely news that will help you to closely follow, understand and evaluate change

Short-term and long-term views and impact analyses examining the effect that shifting policies and regulations can have on 
your operations

Carbon Market Analytics

Market analysis, price forecasts, data and news to help you make better trading decisions.

Our analysis covers all major carbon markets worldwide: EU ETS, Western Climate Initiative (California, Quebec, Ontario), RGGI and China’s pilots and National ETS.

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Crude oil prices and market analysis

One trusted source for independent expert views and data
ICIS has a long history of reporting and analysing the global crude oil markets, and our market valuations occupy a central place within some of the industry’s key benchmarks.

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LNG Market Intelligence Solutions

A single, trusted source for worldwide Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) prices, data, news and analysis.

Get all the real-time prices, analysis and fundamental data to optimise sales, purchasing and track movements of liquefied natural gas (LNG) with the ICIS Market Intelligence solution.

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Power Perspective & Horizon

Insight, impact analysis and price forecasting across the European power markets.

ICIS makes sure that the latest events are put into context for your business by giving you access to detailed and clear impact analysis and price forecasting for European markets.

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