Crude oil and refined products

Transforming commodity markets for a sustainable future

Adapt to thrive in a decarbonised energy landscape

Few energy commodities have been as directly impacted by the energy transition as oil, yet oil remains an essential part of the supply mix, not least as a feedstock for the petrochemicals industry. Remodel for success in the changing energy landscape with ICIS, the leader in integrated energy and chemicals intelligence.

Capitalise on opportunity with reliable global crude oil pricing, updated daily by our oil editors in key producing regions including North Sea, Asia Pacific, Arab Gulf and Americas. ICIS is the only external company whose prices are used to calculate settlements for the ICE Brent Index, one of the world’s most liquid commodity futures markets.

Stay ahead of fast-moving oil markets with intra-day and daily updates, news and analysis including downstream supply and demand plus weekly and monthly reports featuring price assessments and indices.

Understand the role of crude and wider refined products and natural gas liquids, such as ethane, Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), naphtha, gasoline, jet, diesel and fuel oil, with trusted per-country data on historic and future supply and demand balances, and historic trade flows.


ICIS training

Keep up to date in today’s rapidly evolving commodity markets with expert online and in-person workshops and courses covering chemical and energy supply chains and market dynamics. ICIS offers a range of introductory and advanced topics as well as bespoke, in-house training.

Why subscribe to ICIS Crude oil and refined products?

Maximise profitability

Optimise margins, and trade and price competitively in fast-moving markets with reliable intra-day and daily updates, plus weekly and monthly pricing analyses.

Simplify settlements

Confidently manage settlements with an understanding of inputs into the ICE Brent index as it develops, on the last day of each month.

Speak to an expert

Inform your decision-making with direct access to a team of 100 ICIS energy experts, to share knowledge on market assumptions and methodology.

Plan with confidence

Gain an end-to-end view of crude and refined products with news and analysis including downstream supply and demand, plus per-country data on historic and future supply and demand, and historic trade flows.

Optimise forecasting

Streamline processes and improve accuracy with ICIS data and analytics integrated into your forecasting and modelling.

Limit exposure

Manage risk in volatile markets with regular news updates and detailed analyses of market-moving events.

Capitalise on opportunity

Trade ahead of the curve and react quickly in dynamic markets with regular updates on price, fundamentals and market-moving events.

Gain a strategic advantage

Inform your decision-making with a clear view of all the factors influencing crude and refined products markets, combining advanced analytics, hard data and expert insight into real-time price movements and historic trends.

Crude oil and refined products solutions

Stay ahead of dynamic energy markets with ICIS’ complete range of data services, market intelligence and analytics solutions covering crude oil and refined products plus natural gas, LNG, carbon, hydrogen, power and renewables. Visit Sectors to find out how we can set your business up for success.

Minimise risk and preserve margins

Remain competitive with reliable, up-to-date price forecasts, supply and demand, cost and margin data.

Adapt quickly as events unfold

Capitalise on opportunity and minimise exposure, with news and in-depth analysis of the key events impacting energy markets.

Maximise profitability in volatile markets

Benefit from a complete view of energy markets with integrated solutions featuring pricing, market commentary, in-depth analysis and analytics.

Model with accuracy

Optimise results with ICIS data seamlessly integrated into your workflows and processes.

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In today’s dynamic and interconnected energy markets, partnering with ICIS unlocks a vision of a future you can trust and achieve. Our unrivalled network of energy industry experts delivers a comprehensive market view based on trusted data, insight and analytics, supporting our partners as they transact today and plan for tomorrow.

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