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Clean hydrogen provides a solution for difficult-to-decarbonise sectors, but it must overcome significant investment and coordination challenges in order to contribute to net zero emissions. Accurate pricing data and information are essential to navigating the way to a traded hydrogen market and will be critical for market participants to achieve long-term success. A thorough understanding of the gas, power and chemical industries, with a focus on ammonia, is required. ICIS supports your decisions with data-driven, unique forward-looking analysis driven from the foundation of the ICIS TTF gas benchmark, allowing confident trading and investment.


ICIS launches Europe’s first market-linked renewable hydrogen assessments

To deliver the information required to facilitate the energy transition, ICIS has launched the first market-based hydrogen price assessments to reflect the market value of renewable electricity, making us your natural choice for hydrogen.


Ammonia is a carbon-free, easily dispatchable hydrogen carrier that enables the cost-effective storage and distribution of large amounts of renewable energy. As a result, it is a primary candidate to enable a secure supply of renewable hydrogen. ICIS has a comprehensive understanding of ammonia price movements as well as supply and demand drivers, allowing us to provide reliable and robust insight into the hydrogen market. Discover more


Gas market participants will need to consider what hydrogen means for natural gas supply and demand, as well as how it can be incorporated into their existing business models. With comprehensive understanding of the gas markets, alongside key chemical knowledge with a focus on ammonia, ICIS provides data-driven insight and expert analysis that offers a complete perspective of historic, current, and future market conditions. The ICIS TTF gas benchmark, provides trustworthy global price transparency which is widely used within the market.  Discover more


Hydrogen allows power producers to store excess electrons at time of low renewable availability. When considering how and when to use hydrogen for generation, power market participants need to be aware of the marginal cost of hydrogen production. Meanwhile, hydrogen participants need assessments underpinned by short and long-term power prices. ICIS puts reliable, trustworthy, and transparent data in the hands of users, allowing them to build accurate models and make sound business decisions. Discover more


Carbon prices will be a key factor in determining the cost and demand for hydrogen as the energy transition progresses. Our journey to a decarbonised energy industry will require insight on carbon trading systems, carbon market pricing, analysis, and forecasting. As one of the leading providers of carbon market intelligence, ICIS is uniquely positioned to provide insightful analysis on the evolving hydrogen market. Discover more

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