European Spot Gas Markets

The Benchmark Report for European Natural Gas

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European Spot Gas Markets

ICIS is the expert provider of pricing and market information across the European natural gas market.

With three decades of expertise in price reporting for Natural Gas, ICIS is one of the most widely traded and referenced prices across the European spot gas market. The ICIS European Spot Gas Markets report provides you with the latest prices, news and expert analysis on the current day’s trading.

We publish independent price assessments and Heren indices for the British NBP, Dutch TTF, German NCG and GASPOOL, Belgian Zeebrugge and ZTP, French PEG, Italian PSV, Austrian VTP, Czech VTP, Spanish PVB, Slovak VTP, Ukrainian UAVTP and Turkey.

ICIS Technical Analysis is now included as part of the European Spot Gas Markets (ESGM) and European Daily Electricity Markets (EDEM) service.

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Key features

  • Quote proprietary indices, which are used as benchmarks across the industry
  • British and Dutch assessments published in €/MWh and $/MMBtu to allow easy comparisons to other key gas markets
  • View intra-day price assessments for the British NBP, Dutch TTF and German NCG (day-ahead and front month)
  • Volatility indices for all key assessed prices at the NBP, TTF, NCG, GASPOOL and PSV
  • Access latest analysis on gas market developments, trades, price trends and far reaching forward curves.
  • Read latest news stories, expert commentary and analysis from ICIS gas markets experts
  • Euro LNG Cargo Tracker – a daily summary of European cargo arrivals and real-time updates with commentary from market specialists

Supporting your business

  • Use ICIS benchmark prices to navigate markets and settle contracts.
  • Traders and procurement managers: Use ICIS independent price benchmarks to embed into contracts and strengthen your positions in price negotiations, and deals.
  • Analysts and Risk Managers: Analyse supply and demand dynamics and support your risk management strategy.
  • Senior level executives and Managing Directors: Access gas market insights to stay on top of the latest developments.


  • Most widely used gas price benchmark provider for Europe.
  • Longest history of proprietary European gas market prices.
  • Large specialised reporting team

ICIS Energy Forum – 4 October, 10am-5pm | CCT Venues, London

ICIS is pleased to offer a free seminar covering the most important factors affecting the energy markets. Join our market experts as they discuss topics including:

  • Global oil, gas and LNG market trends
  • European gas market liquidity and hub development
  • The future of the UK electricity market post-Brexit
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European Gas Hub Report Summary Q2 2018

European natural gas liquidity higher than Q2 2017, across all major markets.

The July 2018 issue of the European Gas Hub Report gives you an update on the European landscape, with in-depth coverage of prices, liquidity data, trade volumes and developments across 22 gas hubs.


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LNG Edge: Q2 2018 Trade Flow Report

Global LNG imports increased by 7% year-on-year in the second quarter (Q2) of 2018, with continued strong growth in demand from China. China saw a 40% year-on-year increase in its Q2 imports, slowing a little from the annual growth rate seen over the winter, but still providing a major boost to the global consumption.

Download the LNG Edge: Q2 2018 Trade Flow Report now.

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Asian LNG companies look to NBP, TTF for price reference

Global LNG market supply has been tighter than expected, primarily due to high demand from Asia, as well as strong US deliveries to markets closer to the Americas.

ICIS deputy editor of LNG Europe, Alex Thackrah, discusses why Asian companies are looking to the Dutch TTF and the UK’s NBP for cargoes with flexible destinations.


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Brent oil vs TTF gas prices – a tale of two volatilities

Price volatility is a good indicator of market dynamics for any investor willing to take exposure in energy commodities, especially as prices are characterised by unpredictable shocks and fast-changing drivers.

In this market insight, ICIS takes a look at Brent oil and TTF gas prices to understand what their changes reflect and why they seem to be tracking different patterns.


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The Automation Generation: How Automated Trade is Changing Europe's Energy Markets

Automated trading is booming on the European intra-day power markets and is about to take off on the intra-day gas markets. Power and gas companies are looking into more automated trade of long-term products too.

Will automation take over energy trade? This insight looks into reasons and ways to automate power and gas trade, the share of automated trade, its regulatory framework and future trends.

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