ICIS benchmark gas price assessments and indices

Benchmark your position in European natural gas with ICIS indices and assessments. Heren indices and price assessments from ICIS have been trusted by industry players for over 20 years, giving you the insights you need to make well-timed decisions in key gas markets.

What are the Heren indices and price assessments?

Heren proprietary indices and assessments are the industry standard for European gas. Independently assessed and verified, directly from the market, these prices provide a reliable benchmark for the main gas hubs.

The British NBP and Dutch TTF natural gas prices, produced by ICIS, are referenced throughout the world and are the gas industry’s main reference for the European continent as a whole. Both are published in €/MWh and $/MMBtu, with the British prices also available in p/th.

The Heren indices and assessments have evolved to cover both emerging and mature markets. Assessments are now available for the British NBPDutch TTFBelgian ZeebruggeGerman NCG and GASPOOL, French PEG Nord and TRS, Italian PSV, Austrian VTP and Spanish PVB, as well as the Czech, Slovak and Turkish markets.


During Gas Year 2015, the Dutch TTFovertook the British NBP to become the largest European gas market.

A total of 15,416TWh of gas was traded at the TTF across all market venues, while at the NBP some 8,655TWh of gas trade occurred.