Base Oils Training Course Series

In-person: 6-7 October 2024 | Mandarin Oriental Al Faisaliah Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In-person: 3-4 December 2024 | Hyatt, Jersey City

Course Overview

The ICIS Base Oils Training Course Series offers a comprehensive look into the different base oils groups and the different technologies involved in their processing. The courses will help equip you with the fundamental knowledge and analytical concepts to help you navigate the markets effectively.

Historically, the base oil business was straightforward and easy to understand. Most regions had only one type of base oils manufacturing and producers offered similar products. However, over the past decade, the rise of different base oils manufacturing processes led to multiple and very different base oils products from each process. This has created a difficult maze for refiners, marketers, supply managers, the shipping industry, and end-use customers – especially those new to lubricants – to navigate. To make sure you have a full comprehension of the industry as a whole, view our base oils training course series information below.

Base Oils I: Fundamentals of the Base Oils Business

This modular course provides an overview of how base oils are made, of finished lubricant demand sectors, as well as insights into potential disruptors. This course will expand your industry knowledge and sets a foundation for technical, marketing, executive personnel across base oil, finished lubricants, additive, and supply chain industries.

Base Oils II: Quality Drivers, Forecasting and Global Profitability

By attending this course you will gain both technical and commercial insights into base oils markets, supply and demand forecasting, and quality variations by supplier. This course will help strengthen your ability to understand future trends and achieve your business goals.

Course fees

Base Oils In-person Training Course Series
$1,750 per course / $3,300 for the series (+ applicable taxes)

6 – 7 October 2024 | Mandarin Oriental Al Faisaliah Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

3 – 4 December 2024 | Hyatt, Jersey City

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What to expect in the training?

• The Base Oils interactive training course series offers a 360-degree view of the base oils business and its changing market dynamics.

• Study essential information on different base oils groups and the different technologies involved in their processing.

• Attending this course will provide you with a solid understanding of the industry and increased market awareness.


Amy Claxton – CEO, My Energy

Amy Claxton is CEO of My Energy Consulting & Training, a consulting company specializing in base oils and waxes. A chemical engineer with over forty years in the refining industry, she is recognized as a global base oil expert providing engineering and C-suite strategic business consulting for customers at publicly traded and privately held companies representing oil & gas-related industries, oil and gas consulting firms, and law firms. Her expertise includes raw materials selection; manufacturing processes and economics; global supply and demand; and competitor analysis. In addition to her core expertise in lubricant base oils and waxes, Amy has decades of experience involving Fischer Tropsch gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology and economics; fuels refining processes and economics; crude selection; intellectual property (due diligence) studies; and technology licensing.

Prior to starting her own company in 2001, Ms. Claxton worked for Dow Chemical, Exxon, and ExxonMobil. After assignments in refinery fuels, chemical, and base oil operations, she became manager for technical services at Exxon’s Baytown, Texas refinery. During the Exxon – Mobil merger, Ms. Claxton was Exxon’s Corporate Base Oil Liaison for senior officials and lawyers at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, Exxon, Mobil, and outside law firms.

Amy speaks regularly at global industry conferences and presents timely updates on topics of interest to the lubricant base oil, wax and gas-to-liquids industries. She is known for her ability to explain technical information in a concise and jargon-free manner.

Dr. H. Ernest Henderson - President, K&E Petroleum Consulting, LLC

Dr. H. Ernest Henderson – President, K&E Petroleum Consulting, LLC

Dr. H. Ernest Henderson received a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Windsor in 1977, after which he spent nearly 20 years with Imperial Oil and Exxon in Research, Marketing, Logistics and Technical Services activities both domestically and internationally.

In 1997, Dr. Henderson joined Petro-Canada as Manager for their Group III research and technical developments, and later was Research Director at Syntroleum Corporation for their Fischer-Tropsch GTL upgrading programs. During his 45-year career, Dr. Henderson has also been Technical Manager for YUBASE Group III base stocks, Fluid Technology Manager for CITGO and Director of Technology for Lubrication Technologies.

In 2011, Dr. Henderson re-launched K&E Petroleum Consulting, LLC. His broad range of base oil expertise includes Group I, II, III, IV (PAO) and re-refined and their application with finished lubricants. His company operates on a national and international basis, specializing in base stock management, strategic planning, new product and process development, Supply Chain management, formulation cost control, raw materials sourcing, patent litigation and training.

Bespoke Training Solutions

ICIS works alongside our customers to create bespoke training courses that mould our expertise and your specific needs. We’ll pinpoint the current expertise of your employees, areas for improvement, and your business goals, and develop a training course that will bring tangible benefits to your business.

Our custom training courses are delivered as interactive workshops, focusing on the products, concepts and issues that are most relevant and beneficial to you.

  • Save money on transportation and accommodation, with training at a convenient location
  • Flexibility – you determine the length and duration of the sessions
  • Interactive workshops with hands-on exercises, to reinforce key skills, techniques and concepts
  • Take-away the course materials, presentations and background information for future reference

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